Euro 2012 Affiliate Guide

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The Euro 2012 tournament is a major sporting event that will generate a lot of betting activity on sportsbooks. People will be betting in land based betting shops, online and on their mobile phones. Many sportsbooks will be running contests for players where affiliates can get in on the action and promote them to their players. Some affiliates have even created dedicated pages covering the event with other affiliates going as far as having domains focused just on Euro 2012.

This article discusses the following:

  1. Euro 2012 promotions from Gaffg sponsor sportsbooks
  2. List of Euro 2012 affiliate websites
  3. Tips on starting a niche website

1. Euro 2012 Player Promotions

The following sportsbook affiliate programs are offering either custom promotions for players for the Euro 2012 or have odds and marketing materials to promote the tournament to your players.

Intertops Affiliate

Join the Intertops Affiliate program or read the Intertops Affiliate review

BetCruise Affiliate Program

betcruise euro 2012

Join the BetCruise Affiliate program or read the BetCruise Affiliate program review

Betfair Affiliates

Join the Betfair Affiliates or read the Betfair Affiliates review

Redbet Affiliate

Join the Redbet Affiliate program or read the Redbet Affiliate review

Unibet Affiliates

Join Unibet Affiliates or read the Unibet Affiliates review

2. Euro 2012 Affiliates

Below is a list of affiliates that have either created pages for the tournament or setup custom sites focused on the tournament.

Have a site dedicated to Euro 2012? Send us an email to submit your site.

3. Tips on starting a niche website

Starting a niche website should be a straight forward task but it does require a bit of planning and structure to your site. Taking as an example, their design is simple yet effective and their content is the most useful part of the site focusing on all aspects of betting on the Euro 2012. After spending a few days setting up and producing good content, you can start your link building efforts and social media presence to help get the site rankings. An easy way to get good links is guest posting and you can read our guide to guest posting here.

With these examples above you can apply this to any time based betting event such as WSOP 2012, Olympic betting 2012 and if you are ambitious enough World Cup 2014.

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