FullTiltPoker accused, suspended and sold

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In the span of about 1 week, FulltiltPoker has been accused of running a ponzi scheme by the DOJ, had their licence revoked in Alderney and now their company has been sold.

If you haven’t been following the recent gaming news, well FullTiltPoker has been at the center of everything with 3 major news stories.

FullTilt accused of operating a ponzi scheme by the DOJ

Yes, apparantly Fulltilt poker wasn’t just a poker room but a giant ponzi scheme where the owners pocketed a lot of money for themselves. Now that the news is in the mainstream media, it seems the majority owners are Ray Bitar, Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer as the beneficiaries of the ponzi scheme. It is hard to call it a ponzi scheme when the funds of the poker room have been confiscated.

Read more at Forbes.com

FullTilt poker licence revoked by Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)

Their licence was initially suspended in June but after many months of affiliates and players being left unpaid the Commission decided to pull the plug after the news hit about FullTilt being called a ponzi scheme and not having enough money to pay their players.

Read more at BBC

FullTilt sold to French group Bernard Tapie

Just days ago FT is in the news again as they sold the company to French investment group Bernard Tapie who is also a former government minister. There appears to be terms and conditions associated with the purchase as there are other

Read more at ESPN

For the time being Gaffg does not recommend FullTiltPoker affiliate program until they sort out their company. You can find more programs to promote in our Poker Affiliate Programs directory.

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