Quints software is a top notch affiliate marketing solution that is constantly adapting to the need of every client. You will find a great infrastructure and a dedicated team of professionals that are always working double time to help you build the best possible partner program for you.

Quints software is always detailed and client oriented since all of the features are a mix of a user friendly interface with deep customization capabilities and all clients can dictate exclusive setups which means that you can have a software just the way you wanted which can be as automatic and user friendly as possible.

You will have full marketing control with micro and macro managements in one place, so you can make decisions based on granular performance data using multiple tools with just a few clicks.

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Remember that the way the software works is up to you since you will have full flexible settings that can allow you to customize your work pace using the best and flexible platform options, meaning that you can even build a third party tools to make the most of your time and focus more on important tasks and don’t worry about the security since strong access control tools will provide a high level of security, and operational efficiency and you always be in control on user logging in real time.

When using Quints software you can count with detailed reports, analytics, live data and more from a handy dashboard with stats breakdown as well and do not forget that everything is fully customizable allowing you full control of all activities, operations and business angles including player analysis, marketing performance and other key activities that you need to know to achieve the best revenues possible.

Quints is constantly offering new toolsets, addons, marketing material and other promo and important material to keep you up to date with the latest tendencies and technologies which are crucial for the gambling market so you have a box of solutions to make everything easier for affiliate managers, affiliates and even for players.

This software is one of the best affiliate marketing solutions that allows full control over accounts, gives full customizable layouts and dashboards and allows you to build fully automatic revenue share plans, CPA and hybrids plans with detailed settings and of course all user friendly for both managers and affiliates. After all that being said it is no wonder why some of the best online gambling sites such as Favbet, Loki Casino, Bitcasino.io, bao casino, EUSlot, Pari Match and other websites work with Quints software.

It must be pointed out that Quints Software has won 3 awards including Best Marketing Start Up by RGWeek Moscow, Gaming Innovation Start Up Winner by IGA Macau and Top 10 Start UP by SIGMA Malta, so as you can see it is a software to consider.

If you are looking to try this software or to buy it, you can simply request a demo and can be sure that the profitability of your business will be sky high.