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B3W Affiliation is the casino affiliate program for many casinos and poker rooms using B3W Group gaming software. Some of the casino brands include Duel5 Casino, Yachting Casino and B4Casino. The poker rooms including Yachting Poker, B4Poker, the Poker Barrel and Black Stack Poker. All of the brands are licensed in Malta and are available in many languages.

Affiliates get a standard 30% revenue share commission and this rate doesn't go lower without having to bring in a certain number of players or generate a certain amount of income. Just 30% revenue share one size fits all.

Target Markets

No information, as yet, about B3W Affiliation for current target markets·


No information, as yet, about B3W Affiliation for current languages·

Excluded Countries

  • France
  • USA


  • The Poker Barrel
    The Poker Barrel




  • B4Poker




  • B4Casino




  • Duel5 Casino
    Duel5 Casino




  • Yachting Poker
    Yachting Poker




  • Yachting Casino
    Yachting Casino




  • Black Stack Poker
    Black Stack Poker





Revenue Share




Sub Affiliate


Payment Methods

  • Bank wire
  • Neteller

Available Game Types


  • Proprietary


No information, as yet, about B3W Affiliation for current contacts·

B3W Affiliation Tools and Banners

The affiliate program has their own backend and it comes with the ability to update your account information and get statistics on your referred players and commissions. The backend comes with tracking links, gif banners and flash banners. For other marketing materials contact your affiliate manager and see how they can help you.

B3W Affiliation Information

Not many casinos are using B3W Group software so this is a different casino and poker experience for your players. The commission rates are standard but at starting 30% revenue share, that is higher than most programs.

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