How do you check your stats from your affiliate programs?

Sounds like a weird question as most of you would answer by logging into your programs one by one and checking. For others the answer is they automate this process by using software tools. Larger igaming companies like Blexr, Blue Window Ltd and Catena Media build their own tools to monitor their stats across their network of sites. 

For everyone else there are a few options available on the market to users. 

Taken from this article from StatsDrone on 5 reasons why you should use a statstracker. They break down the list as these 5 reasons you should use a tool to track your data. 

Why use an affiliates stats tracker?

  1. Saves you time
  2. Historical data
  3. Highlight trends & KPIs
  4. Find money
  5. Discover new affiliate programs

StatsDrone Data Tool

The StatsDrone data tool is a cloud app that helps you pull your affiliate commission data and standardizes it. It will track the following:

  • clicks
  • signups
  • FTDs (or NDCs if you use that term over FTD)
  • Deposits
  • Revenue

Get the app today at

List of affiliate tracking tools

There are not many companies that do data analytics and offer affiliate program data aggregator to collect your program info. There are a few on the market including:

  1. StatsDrone
  2. Voonix
  3. Nifty Stats

How do these 3 companies different from each other and which one should you choose?

Nifty Stats

If you are an affiliate that works with not just igaming but adult, health and all other types of affiliate marketing industries then your top choice should be Nifty Stats. Nifty Stats supports over 10,000 affiliate programs and advertising networks. The downside of Nifty Stats for igaming affiliates is that their stats tracking isn't as accurate for online gambling where there are complex calculations with some programs including handling of negative balances. Nifty Stats have been online since 2007 and their app is a desktop based app.

Cost: $24.95/month


Voonix is a tool similar to StatsDrone in that they are cloud based. The app has many advanced features that are ideal for large igaming affiliate companies. This app is more suitable for gambling affiliates that have revenues that exceed $20,000 per month. The company has launched their service in 2018.

Cost: 300€ and up


StatstDrone is similarly priced as Nifty Stats and has more accurate data than Nifty Stats. StatsDrone doesn't have as advanced features as Voonix but is similar in that they are both cloud based apps. StatsDrone is suitable for any type of affiliate whether a startup to an established customer.

Cost: $29/month and up

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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