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BetBTC Affiliates is the affiliate referral site for BetBTC


BetBTC affiliates is the official affiliates program for BetBTC. A sportsbook and casino with 6 years of experience giving players from all over the world the opportunity to have fun by playing blackjack games and betting on sports like baseball, football, soccer, Mixed Martial Arts, cricket and boxing. The Website focuses on the use of bitcoin; it is their only payment method as well as depositing method. They Offer an incredible 100% bonus of up to 3 bitcoins!


On BetBTC affiliates program you earn 5% of the net profit that is earned by each one of those players you bring to the website. The percentage of commission does not grow according to the number of people that register and deposit on the website through your referrals link.

One particularity that this affiliates program has is that there is no negative carryover whatsoever. It means that if any of your referrals has negative balance it won’t carry on to the next month, no matter how bad the balance of your referral is. You start the new month with a brand new opportunity to earn your commission without worrying that negative balance will affect you. There is absolutely no limit for your commissions and guess what, your referrals do not expire, it means you will have them forever.


The BetBTC website does not show any CPA or hybrid plan but feel free to ask through their live chat and zenmate request tool to see if you can arrange some kind of a special plan with them. The customer service is very reliable and quick, you will get your answer in no time.

Sub Affiliates

Until the moment of the writing of this review BetBTC affiliates program does not offer any kind of sub affiliate revenues, perhaps in the future they will offer it since sub affiliates plan is a great method for more revenues.

Target Markets

No information, as yet, about BetBTC Affiliates for current target markets·


This affiliate program supports 6 languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and German.

  • english
  • german
  • portuguese
  • russian
  • spanish

Excluded Countries

BetBTC does not specify the excluded countries. However, they state that most of the blocked locations are detected by them according to the respective IP addresses and in case you happen to try accessing the website from a blocked location, you will get a message notifying you that you are not allowed to enter the BetBTC website. They also advise to check if your country allows the practice of betting on online casinos, this advice comes from the fact that sometimes the IP address detector does not work properly and you might be able to enter the website normally. It is important that you check that because if you are playing or you start being part of their affiliates program from a blocked location and try to withdraw your earnings or commissions, you are not going to be able to get that money into your cryptocurrency wallet.


  • BetBTC





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Sub Affiliate


Payment Methods

BetBTC as their name says it focuses on Bitcoins, you are not able to use any other type of payment method to get your commissions and they state that they will take a 0.25% out of all the withdrawals
  • Bitcoin

Available Game Types

BetBTC focuses on their sportsbook betting options more than anything else. You can bet on mixed martial arts, football, soccer, baseball, cricket, basketball, boxing, tennis and they also have an entertainment and politics section, worth checking out by yourself. Their casino is focused on Blackjack and binary and binary options. That is all they can offer at the moment on their casino, but do not despair, they know they should offer more options and they are currently working on finding the possible new casino games options they can debut on the website.



Live chat on website

BetBTC Affiliates Tools and Banners

Right after you join BetBTC affiliates program you will have access to all of their excellent marketing material, social-share content, banners, XML content and many more promotional content. If you make good use of these materials and tools on your website you will bring a lot of new players to BetBTC in no time. Just make sure to invite people from the allowed countries and do not infringe the terms and conditions they have regarding the use of their marketing material.

BetBTC Affiliates Information

BetBTC affiliates program is a great affiliate program with 4 years of experience on the market and with a lot of professionals in the background that spend their days finding the way to make this online sportsbook and casino grow and become one of the best in the gaming industry. With all of the tools and help they offer to their affiliates, it is a great option to take and while giving a hand expanding them throughout the globe, you get your awesome commissions every month without any limit, So imagine if you invest time and effort bringing a lot of people every day, you could be able to make a serious amount of money that you never thought you could make by just inviting people to a website.

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Licenced & Regulated Jurisdictions

BetBTC is regulated and registered under the laws of the Costa Rica government.

  • Costa Rica

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