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Rev Share CPA Sub Aff NCO Exclusive Offer
20% - 35% Yes N/A No  
Betcris Affiliates is the affiliates program for offering revenue shares from 20% to 35% and a CPA program upon discussion with affiliate manager. A sub-affiliate commission plan is not available. Betcris Affiliates will suspend accounts who fail to deliver FTD's.


Betcris Affiliates is the official affiliates program for This is an affiliate program that has a lot to offer to all the webmasters that are part of or wish to join. From decent rates on the standard commission structure to the possibility of having a CPA deal active that allows you to earn your commissions following a structure that you are used to.

Another positive trait about this affiliate program is that their customer service works 24/7 so you always have the possibility of contacting an agent and solve issues you may have with your activity or anything else regarding the affiliate program.

The brand you would be promoting is an online casino and sports book that has nice games plus players have the option of placing bets on the most thrilling and famous sports competitions around the world also Betcris offers nice bonuses an even a loyalty program that any player will surely like.

Taking the visitors of your site to this brand would not be difficult since it already has a good reputation and the betting options seem to be endless.


Betcris Affiliates has a standard commission structure that is based on the Net Gaming Revenue of your referrals. As of the moment this review is being made, this affiliate program allows you to earn from 20% on revenue shares to 35%.

This affiliate program has a negative aspect that has to be mentioned, it is the fact that it has a negative carryover policy. This is unfortunate since this means that the negative balances that your referrals may have will move on to the following months, affecting your earnings directly.


Betcris Affiliates has CPA deals available to the webmasters, these are offered upon request. This is a type of deal that allows you to earn your commissions following a plan that goes according to your possibilities. Feel free to reach out to an agent whenever you feel ready to start having a CPA plan active on your account. The agents are highly trained and professional and they will try their best to match your requests.

Unfortunately, Betcris Affiliates does not offer Hybrid deals at the moment, you will have to choose between the standard commission structure and a CPA plan.

Sub Affiliates

Target Markets

  • south america


Betcris Affiliates is available in English only. Betcris casino is available on English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese

  • english

Excluded Countries

Betcris does not allow residents in countries where online gambling is illegal to register and/or take part in their gambling services. Some of these countries include: The United States of America and all of its territories, The Netherlands and all of its territories, Italy, Spain, France and all of its territories, Singapore and Malaysia.

  • France
  • Italy
  • Malaysia
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • USA


  • Betcris Casino
    Betcris Casino





Revenue Share

20% - 35%



Sub Affiliate


Payment Methods

You may withdraw your earnings via Neteller, Skrill or Check. The minimum required amount you must reach to cash out on a monthly basis is $200. All the payments should be processed within the first week of each new month.

  • Check
  • Neteller
  • Skrill - Moneybookers

Available Game Types offers players a wide range of betting options, this online betting site allows the players to enjoy online casino games such as slot games, card games and roulette also you have the opportunity to go to the sports book to bet on their favorite sports competitions or racing competitions respectively. All of these betting events and games can be accessed from mobile devices so your referrals can earn money on Betcris whenever they want.


  • DGS

Betcris Affiliates Tools and Banners

Betcris Affiliates has plenty of different marketing tools available to each and every single webmaster that decides to join this program. You can have access to Banners, Referral Links, Social-media content and more once you have submitted an application to Betcris Affiliates and this one gets accepted by the staff (The time they take to accept application is not long).

In order to get accepted on this affiliate program you must not show any racist, violent or sexual content on your site or social media page. Spamming is not allowed either so keep that in mind when trying to get traffic to the casino.

Betcris has their own software that can help their affiliate track their statistics and referrals in real time which is always very useful and remember you will always have a professional team behind you ready to assist you if your numbers are low.

Betcris Affiliates Information

Betcris Affiliates is a good opportunity to take if you are a webmaster looking for a reliable method to monetize the traffic of your website. This is because this affiliate program has decent commission rates and the possibility of having a CPA deal active on your account.

Another positive feature about this affiliate program is the fact that you do not really need to be a webmaster to be part of it. If you are an administrator on a social media page with a strong fan base you can definitely join this affiliate program and start earning commissions posting marketing material on your social media timeline.

In case you have issues understanding something about Betcris Affiliates, do not worry and contact a customer service agent, they will gladly assist you and clarify those doubts you have so you can start promoting their brand in the best way possible.

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Betcris Affiliates and are owned and operated by TV Global Enterprises Limited.

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