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BetnGo is not closed. BetnGo not a recommended brand to promote. Their terms and conditions needed to be improved for this program to be taken seriously.


BETnGo is arguably one of the best online casino, sportsbook, and poker sites in the last couple of years. If you're a casino player and you're looking for an online casino/poker site to promote, then you'll need to seriously check out BETnGO Affiliates. An affiliate's success is largely determined by the brand orservice that he/she is promoting. This is why registering to become an affiliate partner in this program is imperative if you want good returns for the time and effort you'll like spend referring people to BETnGO. As an affiliate partner, you'll be given the opportunity to make money (as much as 45% of the net revenue) off of promoting the various services and games offered by the site.

Just how substantial are the commissions you'll receive from BETnGO Affiliates? You can receive anywhere from 25% to 45% of the net revenue the site generated from the players you referred. If the monthly revenue reached anywhere from €1 to €2500 then you'll be entitled to 25% of that amount. You'll then see this percentage increase to 30% in the event that you were able to increase the net revenue from your referrals to not more than €5000. In case the revenue generated reaches €10000, you'll also see your revenue share going up to an impressive 35%. And for the affiliates who are able to get their referrals to generate €5001 to €50000, you'll get a share worth 40% (an amount that can go as high as €20000) of this impressive revenue. Finally, when the net revenue earned exceeds the €50000 ceiling, the affiliate will get to enjoy a truly jaw-dropping 45% commission.

For withdrawal options, the affiliate can either choose to get paid through Bank Wire Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, or through his/her BETnGO account. Payments are also automatically processed once the affiliate's earnings reach €50 (or more).

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BETnGO Affiliates Tools and Banners

BETnGO Affiliates has made sure that its affiliate partners get all the help they need for promoting BETnGO's online casino and sportsbook services. Once an affiliate logs in to his/her account, he she can immediately access a plethora of logos and banners that he/she can use on a website, in forums, or even on mailers. These logos and banners contain a referral link that has a unique code which will allow the affiliate program to track conversions and the amount of revenue they'll generate for the affiliate. Naturally, the affiliate will have access to this information as well as many more through a reportingsystem that is not only easy to use but easy to understand as well.

BETnGO Affiliates Information

Unlike most affiliate programs, BETnGO Affiliates goes the extra mile just to provide its affiliate partners with the help they'll need to succeed. Whether it happens to be motivation in the form of commissions or friendly support personnel dedicated to affiliates, this affiliate program has everything covered. With a recognized brand like BETnGO, the chances of you getting at least a 25% commission are all but guaranteed. Naturally, you'll still have to make sure that you work hard in promoting the site. This shouldn't be a problem though considering you have a wide selection of promotional materials at your disposal. Check out BETnGO Affiliates now to see if it really is the kind of affiliate program you'd want to involve yourself with.

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