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Affiliate Software: Post Affiliate Pro

Bog Affiliates is the affiliate program for Horus Casino.


Affiliates should check out Bog Affiliate Program if they are looking to promote new brands and earn some good money with their traffic. This program have simplified their entire affiliation process to make it easier for you to you join them, there is no charge or hidden fees to join the Affiliate Program. You will be pleased to know that they use long-lasting cookies that will track any traffic sent by you, even if a customer comes from your site to them today and then comes back to purchase six months later, you will get credit for that, so cookies can last a long time. You can promote their website from your own page or through search engines, postings in internet forums, tweeting, posting links on Facebook, Linkedln, recording videos or simply emailing to all your friends and people you know.


With this affiliate program you could earn up to 50% commissions, you just have to join their team and help spread the word about their brands and you will be rewarded for this, their system will track the references and pay you commissions for each client you send. If you send them business, they will send you money, Bog Affiliate system checks for cookie and if not found, checks for IP address and then when they find the IP they will credit your account up to 50% of the purchase value.


These types of plans are not specified but you can negotiate some kind of a plan that benefits both parties.

Sub Affiliates

Bog Affiliate does not offer any sub affiliate plans for the moment.

Target Markets

No information available and on the Bog Affiliate website


  • english

Excluded Countries

No information available and on the Bog Affiliate website



Revenue Share




Sub Affiliate


Payment Methods

Bog Affiliate payment methods include wire transfers & PayPal however other types of payments can be negotiated with your assigned account manager. Payments are monthly on the 15th day and are issued only in US dollars. The minimum payment amount is $100 and you have to refer a minimum of two separated customers.

  • Bank wire
  • Paypal

Available Game Types

No information available and on the Bog Affiliate website



Contact form on the Bog Affiliate website.

Bog Affiliates Tools and Banners

Bog Affiliate will provide you with a variety of banners, flash banners, HTML banners, image Banners, lightbox banners, peel banners, simple PDF banners, text link banners, ZIP banners, banner rotator, and more promotional materials such as discount coupons, brand pdfs, smart links and many others. Before choosing one of these marketing materials you can see examples of the banners and tools and them choose which one you think is the best for your website with a single click. Also, they allow you to create pure HTML sing up form and place it to your page. So, you only need to place an affiliate banner, text link or other link at your website and in short time you will be sending traffic to their brands.

Another way to promote the brands is through pay-per-click search engines, nowadays this method has becoming very popular, we recommend you to try this method to increase your traffic and your earnings.

Bog Affiliates Information

Bog Affiliate Program is powered by the leading affiliated tracking software called “Post Affiliate Pro” which uses a combination of cookies and IP address to track for best possible reliability, this is why all your referrals will be tracked properly. This software is used by thousands of Internet merchants and affiliates around the world. As their affiliate, you will have your own control panel that will help you to see all the detailed statistics of traffic and sales, news, training materials, and the available marketing material.

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