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Rev Share CPA Sub Aff NCO Exclusive Offer
25% - 50% N/A 3% - 5% No  

The affiliate program is good but their terms and conditions state the program can terminate your account for failing to reach €100 in commissions within 12 months.


In case you're still searching for an affiliate program to earn more money, then you'll have to look into CaliberAffiliate. This affiliate program has been around for a while and boasts of high revenue share rates as well as fast payments for its partners. The CaliberAffiliate program was established back in 2006 to mainly address CaliberBingo's need to improve its user base. Aside from CaliberBingo, the brands being promoted under this program are mostly those that target European casino gaming markets. Examples of these are Extraspel, Spelhallen, and Spillehuset. Registration and account confirmation is also easy and will usually take no more than 24 hours if you qualify for the program. So what exactly are you getting when you sign up as an affiliate partner?

Once they're applications are approved, affiliate partners get an introductory rate of up to 75% of the revenue they help generate from their referrals. This is unprecedented considering most affiliate programs usually just give 40-50% at most to their partners. For CaliberAffiliate's partners, the most they can normally receive in a month after the introductory rate ends is 50% of the net revenue generated from their referrals' transactions. In addition to this, they can also refer other affiliates and earn about 2.5-5% commission from their revenue.

Affiliates can receive their commissions through Wire Transfer/Electronic Bank Payment. What's interesting about how CaliberAffiliate handles payments is that it allows its affiliates to choose among three payment thresholds. An affiliate can set his/her payment threshold from a low of €100 to as much as €1000.

Target Markets

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Excluded Countries

  • USA



Revenue Share

25% - 50%



Sub Affiliate

3% - 5%

Payment Methods

  • Bank wire

Available Game Types



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Caliber Affiliate Tools and Banners

A major concern for most affiliates is the tracking/monitoring of their referrals. In this regard, CaliberAffiliate has its partners covered with its own reporting/tracking system. The program also provides its affiliates with the best marketing materials and tools which have tracking IDs. With this tracking IDs, you'll know how many people clicked on the banners you put up on your website or the mailers you sent to your mailing list. Affiliates can use the data generated by this system to identify what kind of referral traffic they are getting as well as improve their strategies. In addition, affiliates can also use this to check their commissions on a monthly basis. And if they ever encounter any issues with the program, they can always get in touch with their personal account managers who are more than willing to extend their assistance.

Caliber Affiliate Information

Are these enough to make CaliberAffiliate the best affiliate program for you? In all honesty, you might not find an affiliate program that has similar (if not better) perks/benefits for its partners. Other than you'll receive as much as 50% of the net revenue generated from your referrals, the affiliate program also has a no negative carry-over policy. This means that affiliates will have a clean slate every month even if the referred brand loses out on revenue due to one or more of the referrals winning in the previous month. It's also great that the brands' target markets are mainly in affluent European countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the Netherlands. This means that you can expect conversion rates that are considerably higher than with other affiliate programs.

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