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Rev Share CPA Sub Aff NCO Exclusive Offer
25% - 50% 1$ 5% No  
Favourit.com is an online sportsbook with UK and Gibraltar licenses and addition to revenue share, webmasters can choose CPA or hybrid commission deals


Favourit Affiliates is the sportsbook affiliate program for Favourit.com. Favourit Affiliates is always high on the list of outstanding affiliate programs due to its commissions as well as the marketing tools and support it provides for its affiliates. Affiliates of this program promote Favourit, an online sportsbook that boasts of offering better odds on a wider range of markets compared to more established sports betting sites. The site was established in 2010 and has seen itself grow due in part to being featured on ESPN, Forbes, Fast Company, as well as The Wall Street Journal. With all the positive press and recognition that it has received in the last couple of years, promoting this sportsbook through its Favourit Affiliates program has become easier and more profitable (all because of the high conversion rate).

What can affiliates expect for successfully promoting Favourit sportsbook? The Favourit Affilitate program has tiered revenue sharing as well as hybrid/CPA commission plans. Affiliates who can generate$10000 in net revenue for a month through their referrals are awarded with a sizable 25% share of thatrevenue. In the event that this amount increases to $10001 to $30000 in subsequent months, affiliates can also expect an increase of their share to 30%. When the revenue generated from their referrals' transactions is more than $30001 then the affiliate is guaranteed the highest possible revenue share of 35%. For affiliates looking to diversify their commission stream, a CPA/hybrid commission is also available. However, the affiliate would have to request for this specific commission plan from his/heraffiliate manager. Affiliates can also increase their commissions through referring others to join as sub-affiliates. Details of the rates an affiliate receives through this differ and are usually discussed with affiliate manager as well.

Another feature of the Favourit Affiliate program that a lot of affiliates like is its flexibility when it comes processing commissions/payments. Support for payment options like bank transfers, Neteller, Skrill, aswell as debit and credit cards is not something you'll get with other affiliate programs.

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Excluded Countries


  • Favourit.com





Revenue Share

25% - 50%



Sub Affiliate


Payment Methods

  • Debit Card Funds Application (DCFA)
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • Visa

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Favourit Affiliates Tools and Banners

One advantage of being a Favourit Affiliate partner is that you'll be given access to a wide range of backend features and promotional materials that you can use to make promoting its sportsbook hassle free. Affiliate partners are given immediate access to banners the moment they log in to their Favourit Affiliate account. For landing pages, the affiliate can either use the provided defaults or go for one that's customized for his/her website (can be requested through an affiliate manager). In addition to providing their affiliates with just banners and landing pages, the program also authorizes them to offer deposit bonuses. Of course, there's also a system that tracks and monitors an affiliate's referral traffic. The affiliate can then consult this data in real time (or later on) if he wants to improve the performance of his/her referral campaigns.

Favourit Affiliates Information

There might be other affiliate programs that offer better rates for commissions but Favourit Affiliate still comes out on top in terms of providing its affiliates with the right tools and support that they need.Banners, landing pages, and deposit bonuses are made available to affiliates to increase the odds of converting referrals. It also helps that Favourit is already an established brand. These features will all but guarantee a steady flow of commissions to any affiliate who is smart enough to be part of this program.

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