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JPJ Group Affiliates is now Gamesys Partners and is the affiliate program of Vera John, InterCasino and Finlandia online casinos.


JPJ Group Affiliatesis an affiliate program for three prominent online casinos: Finlandia Casino, Vera & John, and InterCasino. These sites' registered user base has seen a steady increase in the last couple of months due to their wide selection of games and various promotions. Another factor for the increase in registered users is the availability of these sites on mobile platforms. In the event that you're looking for an affiliate program that is easy to get into and rewarding then you'll do no wrong with JPJ Group Affiliates. As a partner, you can expect competitive commissions and revenue for each referral on top of solid backend features. Check out the details of the JPJ Group Affiliates program so that you'd know why it's better than other affiliate programs out there.

Affiliate commissions are determined by the monthly revenue generated by the players you referred. You're entitled to as much as 25% from your referrals' monthly revenue if it is equal to or lesser than €5000. The commission percentage increases exponentially (maxed at 50%) as the monthly revenue from your referrals' increase. JPJ Group Affiliates also has a one-tier Partner program where you can refer sub-affiliates and get 10% of their Net Commission. As of now, partners can withdraw commissions to their banks (via Bank Wire) or to their Casino user account. Allowable amounts for withdrawal differ on the method. You need to have at least €100 for a Bank Wire while you only need at least €10 to request a withdrawal to your user account in Finlandia Casino, InterCasino or Vera & John

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JPJ Group Affiliates Tools and Banners

One of the most frustrating things about being an affiliate partner is coming up with a strategy to attract your referrals and then tracking them. You need not worry about these if you're part of the JPJ Group Affiliates program though for the casino. Once you've logged in to your account you'll be able to use their banners to promote the brands/sites partnered with the program. If you're running an affiliate site then you should make use of the progressive banners and write-ups available when you login to your JPJ Group Affiliates account. Affiliate partners also have real time access to statistics like clicks and impressions. On top of these, you'll also be given access to a monthly summary report.

JPJ Group Affiliates Information

You're not going to have a hard time convincing people of the merits of having an account at Finlandia Casino, InterCsaino or Vera & John/Vera. There's no need for you to even worry about advertising/marketing the sites since JPJ Group Affiliates will provide you with the necessary tools to ensure you have a high referral conversion rate. These sites also have the widest selection of casino games that are guaranteed to entertain and reward players. Consequently, it's not just going to be the players who'll be rewarded. If the total monthly revenue of your referrals is more than €50000, you stand to get half of that amount. Imagine having a passive income of at least €25000 a month. Doesn't that sound great? Just make sure that the individuals you refer are not from the USA, France, China, Hong Kong, and Iceland and you should be on your way to being set for life.

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