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Rev Share CPA Sub Aff NCO Exclusive Offer
30% - 40% N/A N/A No  
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Ludos Affiliates are an ok affiliate program with a few white label casino brands.


With mobile casino gaming slowly gaining ground these days, it's high time that you consider joining Ludos Affiliates. Once you become an affiliate partner of this program, you'll have the chance to promote the Winzino mobile casino brand. It's arguably one of the fastest growing online casinos for mobile platforms and currently has one of the best conversion rates in the industry. This means that if you're able to refer a lot of people to this online casino, there's a high probability that they'll sign up for an account. Consequently, you'll also stand to receive some of the best commissions in the industry if more of your referrals sign up for an account on this mobile casino.

New affiliates can kickstart their earnings with Ludos Affiliates' special 50% Revenue Share offer. For their first three months, new affiliates will receive 50% of the revenue generated by the online casino from their referrals. Once the three month period for the promotion is over, the affiliate's revenue shares will go back to their normal levels. If an affiliate's referrals were able to generate as much as £5000 for the online casino, then he/she can expect to receive a 30% share of the net revenue. An increase of the revenue to a range between £5001 to £15000 will also see the affiliate's share increase to 35%. When an affiliate's referrals are able to generate £15001+ for the online casino, he/she can expect a sizable 40% share as his/her commission. Additionally, the affiliate program has a CPA/Hybrid deal available for affiliates who have proven to be consistent in referring players.

Provided it has reached the minimum threshold, the affiliate program will payout the affiliate's commission every 15th of the month through his chosen payment method. As of now though, the affiliate program has limited its payment method support to Paypal (min £200), Bank Transfer (min £500), and BACS (min £100).

Target Markets

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Excluded Countries

  • USA



Revenue Share

30% - 40%



Sub Affiliate


Payment Methods

  • Bank wire
  • Paypal

Available Game Types


  • IGT Interactive
  • NextGen Gaming


Ludos Affiliates Tools and Banners

Once their applications are approved, affiliates are provided with all the marketing materials they'll need to promote the Winzino mobile casino brand successfully. They'll have access to banners, links, as well as rich media content that they can then use to improve click-through and conversion rates for their site. The affiliate program also has regular bonuses and promotions that the affiliate can promote on his/her site as a means to entice more players to register for a Winzino account. In addition to the marketing materials and promotions, Ludos Affiliates has a team of affiliate managers who are available daily to provide guidance for affiliates who want to maximize their affiliate sites' earnings or help for those who have issues with their accounts.

Ludos Affiliates Information

Affiliate marketing doesn't have to be complicated. Ludos Affiliates is a great affiliate program for people who want to maximize their earning potential without having to take too many risks. It's free to join and once your application is approved, you get to enjoy a 50% Revenue Share for three months. Winzino Casino, the mobile casino that you'll be promoting as an affiliate also happens to be one of the most promising brands in the casino gaming industry today. If you're someone who wants to make the most of their time and effort then make sure to apply for a Ludos Affiliate account right now. There's no doubt that it's going to be the best decision you'll ever make today.

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