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Playup Affiliates is the affiliate program for popular Australian brands as DraftStars, TopBetta, ClassicBet, MadBookie, PlayUp, AGC, and PlayChip.


The majority of the brands under the Playup Affiliates program are all targeted at the Australian market. Draftstars is Australia’s top daily fantasy sports site and offers a wide range of sports and fantasy leagues that its players can choose from. TopBetta, ClassicBet, MadBookie, and Playup are all online sportsbooks that feature coverage of odds for a wide range of sports and sporting events not just in Australia, but the world over. AGC or the Amateur Golf Challenge is targeted mainly at golfers and offers daily tournaments where the objective is for players to beat their own golf handicap. Unlike the other sportsbook brands on the list, 123Bet is exclusively focused on horse racing and while Australian-owned, is actually licensed (by the North Dakota State Horse Racing Commission) and marketed in the United States. The most unique brand under the Playup Affiliates program is without a doubt PlayChip. Developed by Playup, PlayChip is the name of a cryptocurrency designed to be used for universal betting. Each of the brands (outside of PlayChip) have numerous promotions and bonuses that their players can take advantage of to get more value for their (the players’) deposits and wagers. In terms of licenses, each of the brands are licensed in a specific state (South Australia, Nothern Territory, etc.) and are only allowed to accept players from there.

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  • Playup




  • AGC




  • PlayChip





Revenue Share

10% - 25%



Sub Affiliate


Payment Methods

Similar to a lot of programs these days, Playup Affiliates ensures that its affiliates get paid on a monthly basis. As of this writing though, the program still only supports payouts through Bank Transfer. Earned commissions are calculated at the end of every month and if these reach the AUD $100 payment threshold, affiliates can expect the program to process these for payout on or before the 15th of the following month. In the event the commissions fall below the threshold, the program will instead defer the payout for the following month/s or until affiliates manage to up their earnings to the AUD $100 minimum.

  • Bank wire

Available Game Types


Playup Affiliates Tools and Banners

The moment they successfully register for a Playup Affiliates account, affiliates will get to have access to a host of marketing and promotional materials that they can then use on their referral campaigns. Affiliates will only need to log on to the program’s affiliate portal in order to get access to banners, links, and other rich media content. In case they can’t find a banner with the right size for their purposes, affiliates can also opt to get in touch with their affiliate managers and inform of their specifications. The affiliate’s marketing/promotional materials contain cookies unique to them (the affiliates) that then allow the program to accurately track when a referral clicks on them. Affiliates can then refer to the program’s tracking system to get real time updates not just of these clicks but also of conversions, deposits, and even commissions. Aside from real time updates, it’s also possible for affiliates to get detailed reports that can help paint a better picture of the effectiveness of an affiliate’s referral campaign/s.

Playup Affiliates Information

In case they want to promote sportsbook and fantasy sports brands targeting the Australian and US markets then affiliates definitely should check out Playup Affiliates. Joining this program will allow affiliates to officially promote Australian-facing brands such as DraftStars, TopBetta, ClassicBet, MadBookie, PlayUp, AGC, and PlayChip. Additionally, affiliates will get to promote the North Dakota State Horse Racing Commission licensed 123Bet. The sportsbook brands enticing is that they feature generous promotions as well as coverage of odds for numerous sports, sporting events, and sports leagues (in the case of Draftstars). Owing to these features, affiliates can expect these brands to have high conversion and retention rates. This means that affiliates can also expect to get a steady stream of income if they manage to successfully promote the brands.

Depending on the brands they’re promoting, affiliates can get either a share of the revenue their referrals generate for the brands or a CPA commission. For the Draftstars, TopBetta, ClassicBet, Playup, MadBookie, and 123Bet, the program offers affiliates a fixed 25% share of the revenue the brands are able to generate from their referred players. Affiliates who manage to refer players to get PlayChip gaming tokens will enjoy a 10% revenue share commission for their efforts. As for affiliates who happen to be promoting AGC, the program will give them a fixed $20 CPA Commission for every depositing player they manage to refer to the brand.


Revenue Share

(DraftStars, TopBetta, ClassicBet, MadBookie, PlayUp, 123Bet)

25% Fixed Revenue Share Commission


10% Fixed Revenue Share Commission




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