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Rev Share CPA Sub Aff NCO Exclusive Offer
25% - 35% N/A N/A No  
The affiliate program and casino for Reel Crazy is closed


Joining the Reel Crazy Affiliates program as an affiliate partner could be the best decision you'll ever make in your life. It happens to be the only officially recognized affiliate program for promoting the Reel Crazy Sportsbook. This brand is considered as one of the top sports betting and online casino sites in the industry. Not only does Reel Crazy Sportsbook have the latest odds for numerous sports markets, it also has arguably the most extensive selection of casino games from top developers like Net Entertainment and Microgaming. As a result, it's become one of the easiest and most rewarding brands to promote. Your chances of gaining profit from your site's traffic will increase considerably if you consider partnering with Reel Crazy Affiliates to promote Reel Crazy Sportsbook.

The measure of your success as an affiliate partner at Reel Crazy Affiliates is the amount of first time depositors you refer to the Reel Crazy Sportsbook site. This affiliate program makes use of a three tiered commission model to reward its affiliate partners for their referrals. If an affiliate was able to bring in between 0-10 depositors in a month's time, he/she would get 25% of the revenue generated in the same time frame. Affiliates will have an increased share of the revenue (30%) if they were able to bring between 11-20 depositors. Finally, a revenue share of 35% is presented to affiliates who bring in more than 31 depositors on a monthly basis.

The Reel Crazy Affiliates and Sportsbook platforms use the same payment options. Some of these include popular online payment solutions like Skrill, Neteller and also Bank Transfer.

Target Markets

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Excluded Countries

  • USA



Revenue Share

25% - 35%



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Payment Methods

  • Player account


  • Net Entertainment


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Reel Crazy Affiliates Tools and Banners

The use of Income Access monitoring and tracking technology is arguably Reel Crazy Affiliates' best feature as an affiliate program. This Income Access platform provides a wealth of information that affiliates can use to improve their referral strategies. Affiliate partners can track their referrals in real time and Reel Crazy Affiliates uses this data to calculate the commissions you'll be receiving every month. Affiliate partners who have their own sites (or those who plan to use email marketing) will also have free access to numerous promotional tools. They can use these to make the content they're making more compelling for their readers with the intent of increasing the chances of successful referrals and conversions. Examples of these promotional tools are custom-made landing pages, animated banners and more.

Reel Crazy Affiliates Information

It's natural to have second thoughts about joining affiliate programs. There's no end to the number of affiliate programs that promise outstanding commissions but oftentimes have brands that are hard to market/promote. You won't face this issue if you join Reel Crazy Affiliates. Promoting the Reel Crazy Sportsbook brand is made easy due to the fact that it has bonuses and promotions to depositors. These incentives not only made the Reel Crazy Sportsbook more popular, it has also resulted in more conversions for the affiliate partners who promote the brand. Are these reasons enough to convince you to give this affiliate program a try? If you're still having doubts you can check out the Reel Crazy Affiliates website or send an inquiry to their email: You're bound to like what this affiliate program has to offer once you know more about it.

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