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Rev Share CPA Sub Aff NCO Exclusive Offer
20% - 35% $75 - $125 N/A No  
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Getting into affiliate marketing might seem intimidating but success in this field is really just making sure that you partner with an affiliate program that has high converting brands and a penchant for excellent affiliate support. One affiliate program that perfectly fits the bill is TB Affiliate. With this program, affiliates get to promote two of the most popular sports betting and online casino brands today: Top Bet and Golden Spins. To reward affiliates for successfully promoting these high conversion brands, the affiliate program offers one of the most flexible and rewarding commission structures in the industry.

Affiliates can opt to either get a share of the revenue generated by the brands from referrals or a fixed commission based on the number of players referred. If you opted for the revenue share option, referrals from $0 to $7500 a month will get you a rate of 20% Revenue Share. Increasing the net revenue from $7501 to $15000 will also increase the rate to 25%. If the accumulated net revenue generated by the referrals for both brands get to $15001 to $35000, the rate jumps to a whopping 30%. The revenue share rate will then top out at 35% for referrals that generate more than $35001. Affiliates who can guarantee a steady amount of traffic are also given the option for fixed/tiered commissions. If you can successfully refer 1 to 15 depositing players per month, you can get a CPA deal of at least $50 to $75 per player and up to $100 for 16 to 30 players and goes even higher to $125 per player if you refer more than 31 players.

TB Affiliate processes payouts on a monthly basis. Affiliates can choose to have their commissions paid out through Check, Wire Transfer, Pay2Card, and even to their Top Bet and Golden Spins player accounts. The minimum amount to reach before a withdrawal can be processed differs with the payment method you select.

Target Markets

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Excluded Countries

  • Canada


  • Golden Spins
    Golden Spins




  • Top Bet
    Top Bet





Revenue Share

20% - 35%


$75 - $125

Sub Affiliate


Payment Methods

  • Bank wire
  • Check
  • Player account

Available Game Types


  • BetSoft


TB Affiliate Tools and Banners

Unlike most affiliate programs, TB Affiliate allows its partners to promote Top Bet and Golden Spins brands on as many websites as they can. The program provides banners and other types of media content for affiliates to use for improving their referral and marketing efforts. For tracking purposes, affiliates are given their own unique affiliate tracking code to be used to link to either of the promoted brands. They can then use the data the affiliate program generates from players/referrals who clicked on the affiliate codes/links to further improve their referral strategies. Affiliates who might feel overwhelmed with these features can always get in touch with the affiliate managers if they ever need help or clarification.

TB Affiliate Information

For individuals who are looking to make it big as affiliate marketers, be sure to give TB Affiliate a try. The Top Bet and Golden Spins brands have been among the top brands when it comes to sportsbooks and casinos for some time. Provided that you work hard on your referral and marketing strategies (with help from the affiliate program), then you can expect to get some of the most rewarding commissions in the industry. Additionally, this program does not have a negative carry-over policy, ensuring that your current monthly earnings won't be affected by your losses in the previous month. Although there are other affiliate programs that offer higher commissions, TB Affiliate still has an advantage with its brilliant affiliate support and brands with high conversion rates.

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