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Traffillions appear to have a good group of casinos but pay attention to their terms and conditions which give the program the right to reduce commissions or terminate agreements at their discretion.


There seems to be a lot of affiliate programs these days that boast of commissions that are above industry standards yet fail to deliver on maximizing their partners' earnings. Traffillions is an affiliate program that boasts of something similar but still distinguishes itself from its competitors. Affiliates partnered with the program get to promote online casino brands like Pocket Casino, Power Slots, Royal Swipe Casino, Mobile Wins, Dream Palace Casino, and odds brothers. These are currently some of the most popular, reliable, and best converting online casinos targeting European and international players. For promoting these partner brands, the program can guarantee its affiliates that it will be able to deliver on its promise of providing them (the affiliates) with a fool-proof means to maximize their earnings.

Traffillions offers one of the most flexible reward schemes in the industry. As such, its commission structure can be customized to best fit how the affiliate does his business. Unlike most of its competitors that offer a fixed and rigid reward or commissions structure that only benefits affiliates that can offer an inordinate amount of traffic, this affiliate program will work together with you to determine what business model would fit your promotional efforts most. Not only are they going to take into account the quantity of players you can refer, they will also consider the quality of your referral traffic. In terms of payments, affiliates are guaranteed lifetime earnings so long as their referrals continue to transact with (and generate revenue for) any of the promoted brands.

Target Markets

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Excluded Countries

  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • USA


  • Pocket Casino
    Pocket Casino




  • Mobile Wins
    Mobile Wins




  • Royal Swipe
    Royal Swipe




  • Dream Palace Casino
    Dream Palace Casino




  • Slots Power
    Slots Power





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Payment Methods

  • Bank wire

Available Game Types


  • Microgaming


Traffillions Tools and Banners

Possibly the most common issue affiliates face when promoting brands is competition. An affiliate will typically have to find a means to stand out against hundreds of other affiliates promoting the same brand. Although this is the same for Traffillions' partners, the program does provide all of its affiliates with assistance to help them improve their sites' rankings. An SEO team will readily help affiliates who are having issues with increasing traffic to their affiliate sites. Additionally, the program has a referral tracking and monitoring solution that allows affiliates to keep track of the players they refer to the program's promoted brands. A dedicated customer support and account management team is also available 24/7 in the event that an affiliate might have questions concerning his/her account.

Traffillions Information

Overall, there's not much else that you could ask from Traffillions. It might not seem as inviting as most affiliate programs at first, but you're likely to not look at any other affiliate program again once you've become a partner. There are just a lot of things that this affiliate program does right. Affiliates get to promote popular brands that have high conversion rates. They also get to earn commissions through a flexible and generous rewards scheme. Have you come across an affiliate program that provides dedicated SEO assistance to its partners? Traffillions is far from being the most ideal affiliate program out there but it can't be argued that it's better than a majority of its competitors. If you're interested then make sure to visit its official site to know more.

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