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Rev Share CPA Sub Aff NCO Exclusive Offer
25% - 35% Yes 2% No  

WPN Affiliates is the affiliate program for Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, Ya Poker with various levels of revenue share commissions.


For affiliates who wish to promote US-facing poker brands, WPN Affiliates could be the affiliate program that they’ve been in search of. Once they’ve become a part of this program, affiliates will get to promote the America’s Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, and Ya Poker brands. While these poker rooms have different target markets, they all feature generous promotions and a multitude of tournaments that players can compete in. More importantly, these poker rooms make use of Winning Poker Network software. With these features, affiliates can expect these poker room brands to have high conversion and retention rates. In turn, these conversion and retention rates make them ideal for affiliates who want a steady stream of income.

The WPN Affiliates program has a number of commission structures to reward affiliates for successfully promoting Americas’ Cardroom, Ya Poker, and/or Black Chip Poker. As of this writing, these are CPA, Net Revenue Share, and Sub-affiliate. Commission rates within these commission structures will differ based on whether referred players choose the Rakeback or VIP Elite Benefits programs. For revenue share, affiliates who successfully refer players to the VIP Elite Benefits program will get anywhere from 25% to 35% of the net revenue the brands generate from their (the affiliates’) referrals actions. The determinant for these rates are then going to be the total net revenue the brands generated for the month. Affiliates who manage to refer players to the rakeback program will get commissions ranging from 8% to 12% the brands’ generated revenues from their referrals. CPA commissions also have this same dichotomy though the rates will be dependent on what the affiliate and the program’s affiliate managers agree upon. Affiliates can also expect to be rewarded for referring other affiliates to the program. Once their sub-affiliates start promoting the brands, affiliates will automatically get a 2% share of their (the sub-affiliates’) earnings.


Revenue Share

Elite Benefits

  • 0-$7500 Net Generated Revenue - 25% Revenue Share Commission
  • $7501-$50000 NGR - 30% Revenue Share Commission
  • $50001+ NGR - 35% Revenue Share Commission

Revenue Share

Rakeback Program

  • 0-$10000 Net Generated Revenue - 8% Revenue Share Commission
  • $10001-$100000 NGR - 10% Revenue Share Commission
  • $100001+ NGR - 12% Revenue Share Commission


Available; details/rates to be discussed with affiliate managers


2% share of revenue generated by sub-affiliates

Target Markets

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Excluded Countries



Revenue Share

25% - 35%



Sub Affiliate


Payment Methods

No information, as yet, about WPN Affiliates for current payment methods·

Available Game Types



WPN Affiliates Tools and Banners

WPN Affiliates offer a wide range of promotional and marketing materials for its affiliates to use in their referral efforts. Once registered with the program, affiliates will only need to log in to their accounts for banners, links, landing pages, images, videos, and other rich-media content that can then be used on their affiliate sites. Since the program uses My Affiliates affiliate management software, it should be relatively easy for affiliates to keep track of their campaigns. Aside from real-time updates, affiliates can also get detailed reports pertaining to their campaign’s conversions, clicks, clickthrough rate, deposits, and commissions among others.

WPN Affiliates Information

Launched in 2001, the Winning Poker Network is one of the oldest poker networks still in operation today. Americas’ Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, and Ya Poker are all online poker rooms that have prominently been with the network for quite some time now. Americas’ Cardroom is one of the few poker rooms that is targeted mainly at the US market and has been around since 2001. The Black Chip Poker brand is relatively new (having launched back in 2012) and like Americas’ Cardroom, it also accepts players from the US. Ya Poker, on the other hand, is targeted mainly at players in Latin American countries. Despite their different target markets, players can expect the brands to offer generous welcome offers as well as a plethora of tournaments. Players who wish to be a part of the WSOP can also join the Step Tournaments organized by these poker rooms. The poker rooms all operate on licenses issued and regulated by the Government of Costa Rica.

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