• A user friendly website
  • Three different ongoing promotions
  • Withdrawing money is made easy
  • No limitations on how much money can be withdrawn
  • Good referral program
  • US players are allowed, as well as many other


  • No Android and iOS apps
  • No live chat
  • No common signup bonus
  • FAQ section exists, but has very little info


In the year 1992, Stefan Klincewicz successfully “bought” the Irish lottery, through syndicate strategy. A small, but chosen group of very rich investors, bought the tickets, in order to get the big prize. In the process, Stefan has achieved a profit of £2,400,000. In the beginning, Wshful’s syndicates were mostly friends and associates. In the year 2017, their lottery was presented to the public - thus creating their website. Needless to say, this has increased their business drastically.


Wshful offers only three lotteries, but not any three. These are the biggest that can get. These three lotteries combined have an estimated jackpots of over a billion. These are:

  • Mega Millions
  • US Powerball
  • EuroMillions

Welcome Bonus for new players

Wshful does not seem to offer a typical kind of a welcome bonus. Rather, they are focusing on referrals. What this means is that - the more friends that you bring - the more will you be rewarded. Through referrals, you can get Wshful points, which can later be swapped for cash. However, there is a promotion similar to the sign up bonus, which will be discussed later.

Customer Service

Wshful’s FAQ section on the Support page, offers a rather simple way for players to get around with most of the common problems. The customer support can be contacted through contact form, email, or by phone. What is important to keep in mind is that they do not have a live chat support, which comes as quite a downside, for the players are not able to resolve urgent problems, should they happen to have them. Their working hours are strict, not 24/7 based, so that is one more thing for the players to keep in mind, when they are seeking for a solution. They are claiming that they mostly answer all of the questions during their business hours, but players are asked to keep in mind that sometimes they will have to wait up to 48 hours. Weekends are completely unavailable when it comes to customer support.

Where to play

Wshful does not have Android and iOS applications. This should not discourage players, though, for their website is fully responsive, meaning that the player can access it through various devices, not only through desktop platforms. The website is quite simplistic, it is not overloaded with information, but is rather well categorized. This is a big plus, because the newcomers can easily find whatever they are searching for - whether it is registration, the FAQ section, list of the games, etc.


Euromillions is the trademark of Services aux Loteriesen Europe, Mega Millions and Powerball are the Trademarks of The Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL). is not connected with Services aux Loteriesen Europe or The Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL).

Ownership is an associated brand of Cloud Canyon Ltd, registered in England & Wales with Company Number 10631445, VAT EU GB295488247, at International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, United Kingdom, EC1A 2BN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does Wshful take US players?

Yes. Wshful does take US players, as well as many other international players.

Question: Is there a VIP & loyalty rewards program for frequent players?

Wshful does not seem to have a VIP program, but they do offer promotions upon registration. The promotions must be picked during registration, and are as follows:

  • BRONZE (1 syndicate): This gives the player 80 chances per week. The price is £4 per week, odds are improved by 20x, and the player gets 20p per lottery line. The promotion also contains 5 lines and x2 weekly draws for the Euro Millions and Mega Millions, as well as 5 weeks free per referral (suggest a friend) for the US Powerball.
  • SILVER (3 syndicates): This gives the player 240 chances per week. The price is £7 per week, odds are improved by 60x, and the player gets 11.7p per lottery line. The promotion also contains 15 lines and x2 weekly draws for the Euro Millions and Mega Millions, as well as 5 weeks free per referral (suggest a friend) for the US Powerball. Wshful claims that this is their most popular offer.
  • GOLD (6 syndicates): This gives the player 480 chances per week. The price is £12 per week, odds are improved by 20x, and the player gets 10p per lottery line. The promotion also contains 30 lines and x2 weekly draws for the Euro Millions and Mega Millions, as well as 5 weeks free per referral (suggest a friend) for the US Powerball.

Question: What are the wagering requirements of the signup bonus?

The wagering requirements depends on the type of bonus the player chooses during the registration process: bronze, silver, or gold.

Question: What resources does Wshful offer to help problem gamblers and for self-exclusion?

Wshful, strangely, does not have a self-exclusion program, nor any help program for the players with the gambling addiction, which comes as a surprise and as a big downside. The only thing that they do have, is a link associated with the BeGambleAware program, which is located in the footer of the website.

Question: Does Wshful have a refer a friend program?

Wshful does offer a refer a friend program, as it has already been mentioned. Moreover, this is one of the main ways Wshful is getting new players, while promoting themselves, and awarding players at the same time. Every referral gives the player certain points, which he can later exchange for cash. Also, once a player receives the invite, he gets 50 free powerball lines. Once they subscribe (register), the player who initially sent the invite, also gets 50 free powerball lines.

Question: What forms of payment methods are available?

Neteller and Skrill are not available, so the most common methods are suggested: Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro card. However, Visa Electron is supported, which might prove very useful, for there is no limit on collecting your winnings, and, if the player manages to go over £100, he will get contacted immediately.

Question: How long does it take to receive a withdrawal from Wshful?

There is no specific information about this, except that all the winnings above £100 will be managed by Wshful contacting you directly, while in the cases where your winnings are below £100, you will have to check your winnings by yourself. However, no problems were noted about the withdrawal methods, and they claim that withdrawing money from their website, is just as easy as withdrawing money from your bank account.

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