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Rev Share CPA Sub Aff NCO Exclusive Offer
50% $0 - $10000 5% - 10% No  
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IQ Option is a binary options trading platform that affiliates should consider promoting. Its official affiliate program, IQ Option Affiliate offers lifetime revenue shares that can go as high as 50% or jaw-dropping CPA commissions for its affiliate partners. The generous commissions shouldn't be the only reason for anyone to consider this affiliate program though. As an affiliate partner, you'll only need to worry about coming up with strategies to point prospective clients to the platform. Due to its outstanding reputation and compliance with CySec regulations, this platform has become one of the best converting brands in the industry. Since there aren't that many binary options trading platforms,you also shouldn't have to worry about going up against competing affiliate partners.

Whereas most affiliate programs are content with only giving 30% revenue shares for their affiliate partners, IQ Option goes the extra mile by offering 50%. You read that right. Affiliate partners get 50% of the amount that each of their referrals generate for the platform. Additionally, the affiliate program offers a CPA option where affiliates can get a 100% revenue share of transactions entered by their referrals. An affiliate stands to get as much as $10000 per referral with this commission plan though this only applies to transactions made by the referral during his/her first 25 days. Then there's also the super-affiliate program that rewards affiliate partners who are able to successfully promote/refer IQ Option Affiliate to other affiliates. In addition to their own commissions, this referral/super-affilite program allows any affiliate partner to get around 5-10% of the amount that their sub-affiliates earn.

Unlike most affiliate programs, IQ Option Affiliate pays out its affiliates' commissions every two weeks. These payments are usually processed within three working days through payment solutions like Paypal, Yandex Money, Skrill, Qiwi Wallet, ePayments, WebMoney and Wire Transfer.

Target Markets

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  • Indonesian

Excluded Countries


  • IQ Option
    IQ Option





Revenue Share



$0 - $10000

Sub Affiliate

5% - 10%

Payment Methods

  • Paypal
  • Qiwi Wallet
  • Webmoney

Available Game Types

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IQ Option Affiliate Tools and Banners

In order to make promotion easier for its affiliate partners, IQ Option Affiliate has promotional content localized for different areas/regions of the world. The affiliate program also offers real-time stat updates for its affiliate partners so that they could actively monitor and improve their referral strategies. As for promotional materials, these are immediately made available once the affiliate partner activates and logs in to his/her IQ Option Affiliate account. Once logged in, the affiliate can freely choose the type of banner or mailer he/she wants to use for his promotional campaign. IQ Option also has an affiliate support team that would readily help affiliate partners who are encountering issues with their accountand/or campaigns.

IQ Option Affiliate Information

There's a reason why IQ Option Affiliate was awarded as the industry's best affiliate program during the Race Awards. Can you think of any other affiliate program that offers its affiliates a 50% lifetime share of its revenues? What about affiliate programs that offer CPA commissions that can go as high as $10000? With a reputable brand to promote and rewarding commission plans and referral program, IQ Option Affiliate is arguably the ideal affiliate program for beginner or seasoned affiliates alike. If you're thinking of promoting a binary options trading platform then you should definitely check this affiliate program.

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