At Omarsys they proudly call themselves the next generation of online tracking. With a mix of simplicity, reliability and efficiency and all features for the best tracking software in the online gambling industry. At Omarsys you will count with a team of professionals and specialists that have taken the affiliation world by a thundering storm. These professionals are constantly pushing the boundaries of what thought to be impossible to do and they are carving out a new way to business excellence. Omarsys focuses on 4 core values which are: Reliability, Safety, Simplicity and Detaliedness so you can be sure that they will help you build a successful and scalable performance marketing. 

All your data is important and if one of Omarsys’s goals is to ensure that all users feel safe knowing that all their sensitive information is secure and without risks. You can be confident using the best software that is ISO certified so managing and processing your data is safe.

Everything that users do within Omarsys will be audit-logged for safety and audits, also, can be used for other companies for auditing or internal logging or other uses. You will be able to add permissions to all changes and edits made in the system including partner data, commissions, content and others which ensures a complete authorization control process for both users and managers.

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Game Type      
Affiliate Program  

Rev Share



Rev Share CPA Sub Aff Offer Review

River Affiliates

25% - 40%



25% - 40% Yes Yes   -  

Azure Affiliates



2% - 5%

35% Yes 2% - 5%   -  

When it comes to marketing campaigns and tracking traffic, simplicity, reliability and speed are the key. That is why Omarsys was created to be user friendly and powerful and with their intelligent layout and KPI data you can get it and use it instantly plus you can use this software from your laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop or other mobile devices since Omarsys is fully mobile friendly allowing you and your partners to have access to key data wherever and whenever you need it.

Omarsys uses the same interface for both affiliates and affiliate managers making it easier to use for both sides and of course making partner management efficient and faster plus is the same interface for all brands and data which keeps things simple and saving time because you would not need to log in to different sites or accounts because you will have everything in one place. 

Omarsys will make you to be on top of the market with live traffic data, up to date customer data, automatic EOM execution, angular framework, automatic payments and more. This software gives you control of basically everything but it also gives you the opportunity to automate many tasks with reports that you can control, change and audit at any moment. 

When using Omarsys you will never find hidden tariffs or fees, no expensive add-ons and you can be sure that every feature needed is included right from the beginning, with new updates and innovations being released from time to time for your advantage, so when you become a member of Omarsys you will get what you expect in one payment and they would not charge you for new features, updates or add ons so do not worry about that.