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Rev Share CPA Sub Aff NCO Exclusive Offer
25% - 40% N/A 5% No  
Affiliate Software: Income Access

Tivoli Casino Affiliates now only operators tivolicasino.dk focusing on the Danish markets.


The Tivoli Affiliate program is unique in the sense that it has different commission structures for the sites/merchants that you're going to promote. The two sites associated with this affiliate program are TivoliCasino.com and TivoliCasino.dk. Both are actually similar in content but have different target markets. TivoliCasino.dk is specially targeted for Danish clients while TivoliCasino.com is European clients in general. Regardless of which market they are geared at, both sites boast of one of the most rewarding online casino gaming experiences right now. In addition, the Tivoli Casino brand is also one of the oldest and most popular in Europe. For an affiliate partner who wishes to target the European or Danish market, the Tivoli Affiliate program is arguably the best option.

As mentioned earlier, both TivoliCasino.com and TivoliCasino.dk have different commission structures. Once you register as an affiliate you will be asked to choose the commission structure that you'd prefer. Details of the commission structure like CPA and revenue sharing rates are only available once your affiliate account has been validated. Some people might think that this is shady but then again the Tivoli Casino brand has been around for quite some time now. It has been known for providing the fairest and most rewarding casino gaming experience in the business. There's no reason to think that its Tivoli Affiliate program wouldn't be the same.

In order for affiliate partners to receive their commissions/earnings they'll only need to have a bank account. Bank transfer is the only means of withdrawing the commissions from referring players to either of the Tivoli Casino sites.

Target Markets

No information, as yet, about Tivoli Casino Affiliates for current target markets·


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Excluded Countries

  • USA


  • Tivoli Casino
    Tivoli Casino





Revenue Share

25% - 40%



Sub Affiliate


Payment Methods

  • Bank wire
  • Neteller

Available Game Types


  • Net Entertainment
  • Play n Go


Tivoli Casino Affiliates Tools and Banners

As to be expected, the Tivoli Affiliate program will provide you with the necessary promotional materials to ensure that you get the attention of your affiliate site's visitors. These promotional materials are in the form of banners and other graphics. Tivoli Affiliates will also provide what it terms as “textual materials” (an example of which is a press release) to affiliate partners for them to use on their site. Like with their commission details, the Tivoli Affiliates site does not have any mention of any monitoring system to track affiliates' referrals. It is highly likely though that this feature is only made available once an affiliate partner has a validated Tivoli Affiliates account.

Tivoli Casino Affiliates Information

The best reason for you to choose Tivoli Affiliates is its connection with the Tivoli Casino brand. A lot of affiliates have trouble converting referrals because the sites that they're promoting are unpopular and unheard of. That's not going to be the case with either TivoliCasino.com or TivoliCasino.dk. As a member of Tivoli Affiliates, the only thing you'll have to worry about is building up your site and leads. Once your site is getting constant traffic you can also expect an increase in your conversions. It's understandable that you might have second thoughts considering the lack of details regarding the commission

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