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United Commissions represents many bingo brands with a few casinos. They have minimum activity quotas which can reduce your commission rates as low as 5% to proceed with caution.


Nearly a decade after being established, United Commissions has grown to become one of the most diverse affiliate programs in terms of promoted brands. As an affiliate partner, you get to have the convenience of promoting different brands with high conversion rates that have also been around for quite some time. Moon Games online casino, Sugar Bingo, Moon Bingo, Robin Hood Bingo, and Spectra Bingo are just some examples of these brands. The hallmark of this affiliate program though is its affiliate commission models which have been considered one of the best in the industry. Would you want to know more about what's in store for this affiliate program's partners? Then make sure that you read through the whole review.

United Commissions' Bingo Brands and Casino Brands actually have separate commission plans. For Casino Brands, the default commission plan has five tiers. An affiliate partner receives a percentage of the revenue generated by the players he referred to the casino brand. Meanwhile, the specific percentage of his share is dependent on the number of First Time Depositors (FTDs) his/her site brings in to a promoted casino brand on a monthly basis. An affiliate partner's share of the revenue starts at 20% (0 FTDs/month) and maxes out at 40% (51 or more FTDs/month). On the other hand, the default commission plan for Bingo Brands pays higher initially at 25% Revenue Share with 0-25 FTDs/month but only maxes out at 35% and 60+ FTDs. If your referral strategies consistently result in 60+ FTDs every month, there might be a possibility that you'll get approved for the 40% Revenue Share tier. Affiliate partners who have heavy traffic on their sites can also opt to avail of United Commissions' exclusive commission offers.

When it comes to withdrawing earnings/commissions, the only options available for affiliates are either Wire Transfer or Bank Transfer. Additionally, commissions need to reach at least £300 in order for transfers to bank accounts outside the United Kingdom to be possible.

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5% - 40%



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  • Bank wire

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United Commissions Tools and Banners

No affiliate program would be complete without its own affiliate tracking and monitoring system. Regardless of what brand you're planning to promote, you'll be able to find related promotional materials once your affiliate account is approved. You can freely make use of the logo, banners, advertising copies, as well as graphic and textual material related to the brand you're promoting provided that you don't modify these in any way. These also have tracking IDs that allow United Commissions to monitor who clicked on them and when in real time. This tracking system is quite convenient if you want to analyze how you can improve your affiliate site or strategy's referral performance. Affiliate partners also have access to their personal account manager who'll also help with making your referral strategies more effective.

United Commissions Information

For an affiliate program, United Commissions has everything you'll ever need to succeed. Success though won't be the end of your journey with this affiliate program. This affiliate program has managed to sustain, and at various times exceed its previous success with the help of affiliate partners like you. The commission plans for this program's Casino and Bingo Brands are undoubtedly one of the best and most rewarding in the industry right now. If you're looking for an affiliate program that you can grow together with, then United Commissions and its diverse selection of brands is without a doubt your best bet.

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