BetCruise Affiliate Program updates player processing fees

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21st Aug, 2018
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The BetCruise Affiliate Program has important news about how it is now processing the 10% house fee each time a player wins in the casino or poker room.

Also the BetCruise Affiliate Program has launched updated statistics and marketing tools.

The BetCruise portal no longer deducts a house fee from a player's casino and poker winnings during a withdrawal.

BetVoyager and BetRaiser now deduct a 10% house fee from a player's net winnings in all equal odds games once the player closes his game session and in all poker games and tournaments when the player withdrawals his money from the playing table.

This means that affiliate revenue is added to the BetCruise Affiliate’s account immediately each time the player completes his winning session in the BetRaiser Poker Room or BetVoyager Casino.


The Betcruise Affiliate Program has added more statistics and has updated the marketing tools section of the site.


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Betcruise affiliate program is an online casino, poker room and sportsbook available in English and German languages.

Affiliates still get a generous 50% commission!

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Even though it may seem like the 10% processing fee is too much, the fact that the minimum commission rate you receive is 50% surely makes up for it. BetCruise Affiliate Program works different from most of the other affiliate programs available to the webmasters nowadays.

This is because this intriguing program offers you earnings even when your referrals are winning. Most of the time, affiliate programs offer commission rates depending on how much your referrals lose in a determined period of time. Well, the BetCruise Affiliate Program is completely different since you can make a lot of money out of commissions even when your referrals are generating extra money. Additionally, that is not the only way you can earn money on commissions on BetCruise Affiliate Program.

You also earn extra income when your referrals lose, meaning that it does not matter what the outcome of your referral’s bet is, you will get some money out of it at the end. Taking these facts into account, the 10% house fee does not seem that bad, does it?

This affiliate program offers additional ways to increase your earnings on commissions as well. This is because the webmasters earn 1% out of every single bet made by his referrals, giving the webmasters a little boost each and every time his referral decides to use his real money on any of the betting options available on this affiliate program’s brands.

BetCruise Affiliate Program also has an extra reason for the change on the way it processes the in house fee. That particular reason is the fact that the marketing material provided for the webmasters has been updated. The new marketing tools that the webmasters have access to are simply eye-catching in all ways.

These new tools can certainly help the webmasters allure the visitors of their sites in a matter of minutes only. The new tools are more intuitive, allowing the players and the webmasters to feel more engaged with the ads quickly.

BetCruise Affiliate Program encourages its webmasters to keep on making the effort to take new players to the brands as often as it is possible for them. It is true that the 10% in house fee seems to be a bit high in comparison with other affiliate programs, but it is also true that the multiple ways available to the webmasters to generate extra income make it an ideal affiliate program in a lot of aspects.

Apart from the generous commission rate offered by BetCruise Affiliate Program, the webmasters have the chance of requesting other types of plans. That possibility gives the affiliates the opportunity to earn money on commissions in a more comfortable way. There are additional plans such as sub affiliation deals and CPA plans that you can request to the account managers at any time you want.

This affiliate program also motivates the webmasters to engage with the account managers more frequently. This is because they are able to make any kind of request to them without any issues. The account managers can even help them improve their performance so that they can increase the amount of money they earn.

The webmasters are able to request extra marketing tools too. This is a great feature that allows the affiliates to have access to different material that gives them the chance to attract a higher number of players to the brands in a regular basis. Overall, it can be said that BetCruise Affiliate Program is a trustworthy affiliate program that has a lot to offer to the webmasters without any doubts. The program has plenty of positive traits that can certainly help any website owner or blogger monetize the traffic of their sites in the best way possible without having to make any investments.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright