Gaffg Webmaster Coaching partnership with Affiliate Guard Dog

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21st Aug, 2018
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright

Gaffg is happy to announce a partnership with Affiliate Guard Dog for their AGD Mentor Program

Gaffg is teaming up with Affiliate Guard Dog (AGD) to participate in their forums for the Mentor Program. Both Gaffg and AGD have been helping new affiliates for years and the partnership will provide more help in the forums and reach out to more webmasters in need of help whether they are a new or existing affiliate that needs help getting to the next level. Gaffg has been offering affiliate coaching for a few years and AGD has for longer. Both sites and services combined will help to make sure that any aspiring webmaster will get some help they need if they want to launch their own website. With the affiliate coaches available, affiliates can get help, advise and tips on SEO, design, conversion rate optimization, online marketing, social media marketing and just as important, to learn more about which affiliate programs are best to work with and which ones should be avoided. Affiliate Guard Dog mentor program

About Affiliate Guard Dog

If you don't know what Affiliate Guard Dog (AGD) is then you are probably living under a rock or don't have internet. AGD is probably the best forums and affiliate service available where their aim is to protect affiliates. The site is run by webmasters who dedicate their time, energy and resources to helping other webmasters on knowing which programs are worth working with. In addition to being a forum where webmasters can share their tips and experiences in dealing with affiliate programs and getting industry news, they provide accurate information on changes of terms and conditions of an affiliate program. They also summarize the terms and conditions to make it easier to decide if an affiliate program is worth working with. Rather than spending weeks combing through pages of terms and conditions (T&Cs), AGD highlights the terms that matter most for you whether a program has predatory terms, or has retroactively changed their terms which can harm affiliates. AGD is certainly the website that holds affiliate programs accountable for their actions in every form. affiliate guard dog screenshot If you are looking for affiliate coaching you can contact us for direct help or you can visit the AGD forums, register and post your request for help.
21st Aug, 2018
John Wright