GoWild Affiliates affiliate manager interview

21st Aug, 2018
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Affiliate manager interview with Alexandra Tatahuia from GoWild Affiliates

1. What is your role with the affiliate program.

I am an Affiliate Manager and my role in the affiliate program is to manage approximately 30% of all the GoWild's affiliates, to monitor their performance and to provide them with all the necessary information and materials.

2. GoWild Casino has won numerous awards over the past few years: 2011 Best Newcomer Affiliate Program, 2011 Trusted Affiliate Manager Gaffg Awards and 2012 Trusted Affiliate Program Gaffg Awards.

What has the casino been doing right over the past few years to earn these awards?

There is a continuous work at GoWild Affiliates to provide the best services in the industry.

We are proud of the fact that we provide our affiliates with one of the highest payout percentage in the industry, we work very close with our affiliates to optimize their promotions and to provide them with any custom materials they need for their specific campaigns and we are one of the fastest payouts in the industry.

3. Live dealer casinos have been on the rise in the past few years, do you feel these will remain part of the online casino experience?

Yes, definitely. We think it's very important for our players to be able to interact with a real live dealer and we think that this will improve even more in the near future.

4. Tell you tell us the differences of the mobile casino player versus the regular online casino player. Are the conversion and retention rates different, what games do they like to play on mobile phones and how much time are they spending on it?

The mobile casino players come from a far wider audience because it's easier to access the mobile casino and they are able to play at any time, from anywhere.

The conversion rates are slightly higher, so is the retention, compared to regular casino players.

We've found that the majority of our mobile casino players prefer to play slot games.

Since our new HTML platform has been launched very recently, we are still investigating the time our mobile casino players spend on it.

5. What player or affiliate promotions do you have running this year?

GoWild Affiliates, at the moment, is actively working with their best performing affiliates to in conjunction with them; work out at custom promotion that suits best the affiliate.

6. What can affiliates expect when working with GoWild Affiliates?

The best and most efficient service in the industry and a progressive payout structure, which means the more converting traffic they bring, the higher percentage they earn.

About GoWild Affiliates

GoWild Affiliates is the casino affiliate program for GoWild Casino featuring Microgaming software.

They have live dealer casino as well as a mobile casino in multiple languages and currencies.

You can join the Affiliate program here.

The award-winning platform that has captivated the iGaming industry

Since the time it was publicly launched to the world, GoWild Casino has drawn the attention of all the different kinds of players in the world. On the site, the players are able to bet on slot games, live casino games, jackpot games and many others at any given time.

The wide variety of titles to play has certainly made GoWild Casino stand out from the rest of the competition in a short period of time. For the players, the release of GoWild Casino was a blessing since they had lots of games to have fun and earn extra money with.

Another worth-mentioning trait that GoWild Casino has had since its early days is the high number of promotions and offers available to the players. These great promotions have allowed the players to maximize their winnings in a way that they never thought was possible before.

GoWild Casino has not just captivated the players across the globe, the sensational betting platform has also delighted the many experts and pundits of the iGaming industry.

According to several of them, GoWild Casino assembles many positive characteristics and little to no negative aspects, making it one of the most complete and reliable betting platforms that the iGaming industry has available up to this day.

Thanks to the great work put in by the team in charge of GoWild Casino, the site is on the path to become a powerful brand that could be known in all the corners of the planet in the near future.

GoWild Affiliates has given GoWild Casino the push it needed all along

It is nearly impossible for a betting site to be successful without the help of an efficient and trustworthy affiliate program.

GoWild Casino is not an exception to this statement, since GoWild Affiliates have been promoting this online betting site since the moment it was finally launched in the world.

This affiliate program has matched the efficiency and relevance that GoWild Casino has gotten in its first few years of existence. This is thanks to the great strategies and plans created by the many affiliates registered on GoWild Affiliates.

The high number of webmasters registered on GoWild Affiliates has been sponsoring the brand all over the place, starting from personal sites and blogs to social media platforms and forums that amass plenty of interested players residing in the different continents of the planet.

Eventually, such worth-praising productivity started to make the name GoWild Casino sound everywhere, turning it into one of the many reasons why this betting platform has been successful in a short amount of time.

The future of GoWild Casino and GoWild Affiliates

The future for GoWild Casino and GoWild Affiliates appears to be as full of success as it can be. The platform is already working on the latest trend, mobile gaming, and its affiliate program is also promoting the new focus of the brand so that it can start drawing the attention of a new set of players.

Mobile gaming seems to be the future of the iGaming industry and GoWild Casino knows it. Thus, the betting site has been developing a top-notch mobile interface on which the players would be able to bet and have fun from their phones and tablets without issues.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright