iGamefriends interview with Sami Kurvinen about 24hPoker

Sami Kurvinen igamefriends affiliate manager
21st Aug, 2018
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Sami Kurvinen is the affiliate manager for iGamefriends which is the poker affiliate program for 24hPoker.

Why should an affiliate choose to promote iGameFriends.com and your many brands including 24hPoker.com and 24hCasino.com?

From a player point of view, promoting 24hPoker/24hCasino.com is very easy especially because of our huge promotions that we offer to our players exclusively every month and that are very popular.

For poker we offer the largest rakeraces on the network month after month but we also reach out to the casual low and midstakes players and want to offer them a huge piece of the promotions as well.

We are also focusing more and more on offering interesting and attractive monthly promotions to our casino.

From a affiliate point of view, you will get the absolute best support from our top class affiliate team guaranteed.

Something that affiliates appreciate is fast and correct service and as much availability at all times as possible.

This is something that you will get from us and you will also receive my personal phone number so that you always can reach us if something urgent comes up and for some reason don't find us online at that specific moment.

Why do you think Scandinavians like poker or are better at poker than other parts of Europe?

One reason is the less good weather (shorter summer) comparing to the rest of the Europe and combined with the fact that basically everyone has a computer and internet available at home.

Another main reason is that poker has now been popular in Scandinavia for many years and people have manage to gather a lot of experience and shared their knowledge with friends and on different Scandinavian forums where people learn how to play poker.

However, poker is today popular in most European countries and you can today see many talented players coming from all over Europe and this is just the beginning in my opinion.

24hpoker screenshot Tell us about some of the player tournaments you run and how well these perform for your affiliates.

We are one of the main sponsors of the EMOP (European Masters Of Poker) live tourneys and we are the operator that sends the most players to these events taking place all over Europe.

We also offer our qualified players a huge VIP party and VIP treatment on each event.

Our satellites are highly appreciated and many of our affiliates players try these out as they are very popular.

What percentage of your poker players try out the casino or sportsbetting on your sites?

This is something that is of course very important and that we also focus on.

With our improving monthly promotions towards casino and sportsbetting we will see a even better cross sale of our different products in the future.

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The popularity and trust that exist in 24hPoker

24hPoker is an experienced Scandinavian-based online poker site that has given many players the opportunity to earn extra money showing off their skills on the widely famous casino table game.

The site was originally launched in 2001. Back then, the platform was considered innovative and compelling in all aspects. For the users, the existence of a platform where they can play poker and earn extra money at any given moment was simply mind-blowing.

From the second it was launched, 24hPoker drew the attention of all the players within the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Denmark).

Eventually, the poker site became one of the most popular betting platform within this European region and the rest of the continent started getting interested in it.

After a few years, 24hPoker started offering its services to the whole European continent and the players were delighted to say the least.

Currently, 24hPoker is still one of the most relevant and famous online betting platforms that exist.

The site owes its popularity to its great design, the many great promotions it has available and the amazing team of experts that help the players at all times, so they can enjoy each and every aspect of the platform without issues.

24hPoker is known for its world-class tournaments

24hPoker has surely made a name for itself within the iGaming industry for various reasons.

One of those reasons is the compelling poker tournaments that it has been hosting for many years. These special contests feature the best players in the world and offer some of the best cash prizes that an online betting site can have up to this day.

The tournaments are always filled up with exciting moments and unforgettable memories for those that take place within them.

The tourneys are open and accessible to all the players registered on 24hPoker. Many inexperienced players decide to enter the contests to test their skills against the very best opponents.

Another great aspect about the tournaments hosted by 24hPoker is the fact that the players can enjoy them without participating in them. This is because they can watch all the matches that take place in real time, so they do not miss out on the action at any second.

The great affiliate program that sponsors 24hPoker

24hPoker is certainly a top-notch brand within the iGaming industry. But, the platform also owes its fame and reputation to the affiliate program that is in charge of spreading the word about it in all the corners of the world.

That special affiliate program is iGamefriends. This affiliate program offers the webmasters high-quality marketing tools and an eye-catching variety of commission structures that allow them to generate income from the traffic of their sites.

iGamefriends also counts with an incredible team of account managers who work on a daily basis to ensure that each and every affiliate is comfortable and performing at his best without facing any type of inconvenience.

iGameFriends accepts any type of webmaster that is looking to join an affiliate program. It does not matter what kind of content you upload on your site, iGameFriends will gladly be interested in having you as part of its community.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright