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hailo app
21st Aug, 2018
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This articles highlights some popular apps that might help you be more productive and get the most out of your next conference. If you are attending any conference whether in online gambling, forex or anything else then it represents one of 3 things:

  1. Business & Networking
  2. Socializing and Partying
  3. Both!

No matter what category you fit into for your conference needs, we present the apps that might make your conferences a bit more productive and/or fun.


You are probably in a city maybe you are not familiar with. Well Hailo is starting to work around major cities around the world. Just get the app, fill in your details, give them your credit card info and you can use your phone to hail a taxi. I personally use this app and you can't call a taxi company fast enough to get a taxi compared to using the app. You can pre-program the tip to starting 15% and you get the name and picture of your taxi driver before they show up. If you are tired of taxi drivers being difficult or giving you attitude for any reason, well you can rate them on the app too.


uber app

Uber is a company competing with Hailo. They more or less do the same thing and since they are fighting for your business, look out for discounts.


dropbox app

If you need files on the go while at a conference you can get them on your phone, tablet or laptop. Always have access to your important files especially ones you need to share or show.


evernote app

Evernote is a great app for taking notes. You could even use it to take pics as notes, share and collaborate with your team.

Evernote Hello

evernote hello app

Assuming you already have Evernote, the Evernote Hello product is meant to connect you with your contacts. You can enter their contacts manually, scan their business card or use their Hello Connect feature. The program brings in information related to your calendar, evernote account and networks. So you can use this app to create better detailed notes of your meeting histories.


skype app

Even though Microsoft has acquired Skype and made it look uglier and less appealing, it is still probably the top messenger program around. You have plenty of contacts on Skype so you'll want to be able to send messages while going about your conference.


twitter app

If you want the most up to date information happening at any given moment, you might get it from Twitter. As more and more "cool" people get on Twitter, that means you'll be able to connect with more people at your conference. You can use Twitter as a search tool but more importantly, if the conference creates their own hashtag, you can search that for the latest tweets and also share your tweets using this hashtag. #LAC2014 for the London Affiliate Conference Feb 6-9, 2014 #FPE2014 for the Financial Partners Expo Feb 6-9, 2014 #ICEGaming for the ICE Totally Gaming Conference in London Feb 4-6,2014


ice2014 app Yes ICE has their own app, download it from the App store or Android Play.


foursquare app

I'm not as keen (addicted) to this app like others but Foursquare is going to be one of the stronger players when it comes to local data and using that to connect people and give you local information. At any conference you can use this to see where your friends are checking in, when they are arriving at events and possibly do a bit more networking.


facebook app

If you are addicted to Facebook then you need to have Facebook on your phone. Instead of playing Candy Crush or Farmville, you can use Facebook to look up events related to any conference and of course chat with your friends and business associates. Just don't spend your dinners and social events on your phone as you are there to network with people and actually talk to real people!

QR Code Reader

qr code reader app

For those that don't like to take pics of items to remember things, if you see a QR code you can just use any of the QR code apps to scan and see what you are missing out on.

Card Munch

card munch app

Card Munch takes info from your business cards and converts them to contact data. An app like this can come in handy in case you lose business cards.


aroundme app

So now that you are in a new city you might need to know where things are around the city. Probably the more common one is the ATM/bank, or how about a bar or coffee shop close by to setup a meeting, or a hospital (hopefully you don't need this), you get the idea.



Whatsapp is one of the more popular SMS and message programs around for any mobile device. Other alternatives include Viber and for those less unfortunate stuck with Blackberry phones, well now everyone can get on BBM Messenger with their app. Whatsapp can send you money if you have to do a lot of texting and you can do it through your data or wifi.


tinder app

One of the hottest apps to come out in late 2013 is Tinder and although it has a cute name, it can be a bit naughtier than you think. It works for Android and iPhone and it connects your Facebook account to Tinder to get your photos and a bit of info about you. Tinder is a location based app where you can search for other people on Tinder and "check them out" so to speak. In the settings you can select if you are male or female (sorry transgendered, they only give you 2 options), you can select to see men, women or both, limit your search from 1 mile to 100 miles and ages from 18 to 55. So once you are ready, the app just starts showing pics of people on Tinder listing their first name, age, description, some photos and how far away they are. You can tap the X or the heart icon or to be more efficient, swipe their pic to the left to say "nope" or to the right to say "liked". So if you liked someone and they have also liked you back, you get a match notification and an option to send a message to them.

tinder screenshot

So if you are at a conference you can use this app to "connect" with people outside of the conference or people that are also at the conference and it could lead to some horizontal networking. Other notable mentions of other "dating" apps that might be considered as networking tools.

  • Say Something
  • Down (Bang with Friends)
  • Plenty of Fish

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Share your must have conference apps or comment on which ones you have that you highly recommend.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright