BetCruise Marketing Manager Interview with Jessica Wyse

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21st Aug, 2018
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1. Tell us about the BetCruise affiliate program, what it is, how it works and what makes it stand out from all of the other affiliate programs. The BetCruise Affiliate program allows affiliates to earn money by attracting players to the portal consisting of 3 projects: BetVoyager casino with standard games and with no house edge, rake free BetRaiser poker and BetLiner betting exchange with no commission. Betcruise strives to be closer to their affiliates and wants to do business with them. This is why the affiliate gets 50% percent of the house fee for all projects of Betcruise. And also 1% for each winning bet in casino cash games. Payments are transferred to the affiliate’s account the following day. 2. The Betliner betting exchange offers a different experience to the regular online sportsbook. How does this work for players and what are the main sports that players are betting on and offering bets? Indeed , BetLiner - is a betting exchange , not a sportsbook service. The main difference is that the players are playing with each other and not against the house , which naturally affects the events’ coefficients in a positive manner for the players (they are higher). The second difference – is the players who are making the offers do not pay commission. Only the player who accepts the offer and wins the bet, holds 2% of the net winnings from this bet . In addition, there is an option called leverage, which allows customers on Betliner to make offers exceeding its deposit by 10 times. betliner screenshot 2013 Of course football is the number one sport in the world. But apart from football, there are some very attractive and popular bets on tennis , hockey , basketball , American football , and bets on events such as the Olympic Games and Formula 1 racing . All of these events can be found on BetLiner. The sports Toto will be coming soon on BetLiner. 3. The betraiser poker room offers rake free poker, this seems too good to be true, is it? There is absolutely no deceit here. BetRaiser is a place where players play poker without a rake on cash tables. They do not pay any commission in tournaments as well. This way, the player’s bankroll is only used for the game, so he can play more hands or tournaments, which increases the chances of winning. This scheme is more fair towards our players. The house takes only 10% of the net winnings from the client at the end of a game session and divides it in half with the Affiliates. 4. Since 2011 with Black Friday shaking up the online poker world, how do you feel BetRaiser can do to win back the confidence of poker affiliates and attract and retain poker players? The BetRaiser rake free model allows beginners to stay in the game longer and increases their chance of winning. It also allows professionals to earn more money this way. This way, the site and affiliates earn their profit from the winnings and not from the inexperienced players’ rake. From this moment, the clients have the chance to receive a 100% bonus for their first deposit starting from 1000 euros; an instant 20 euro bonus and a 10 euro no deposit bonus. 5. What are some of the poker promotions and tournaments running at the moment? There are daily freerolls and tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool; and also the Jackpot Tournament that occurs on a monthly basis with an increasing prize pool which every client is free to participate in who has played at least one hand on the special Jackpot tables. betraiser screenshot We have also launched a new freeroll tournament called the “100prizes Freeroll” with very interesting prizes. 6. The BetVoyager casino seems to be the most interesting gaming product from BetCruise. How do the players like the zero house edge casino games? All projects of BetCruise are interesting and unique in their own way. In the BetVoyager casino, there is a wide range of standard and equal odds games. This is very simple to explain by using the No Zero Roulette model. By placing a bet on an equal odds and standard Roulette game, you can lose, if the ball lands on zero. However, in the No Zero Roulette game, zero just does not exist on the playing field, this way, your chances of winning and losing are equal. In other games, the mathematical advantage is leveled because of the increased standard benefits in comparison, which also increases the chances of success. Players enjoy the different betting ranges in casino games such as in the roulette games which are from 1 cent to 2000 Euros. It is also certainly worth noting the existence of such tools such as the BetVoyager Randomness and Fairness control system, which allows players to confirm the randomness of the game’s results online. 7. How do affiliates profit from the zero house edge casino games? By the end of the gaming session, the house takes 10% of the player’s net winnings, 50% of which is quickly transferred to the affiliate’s account. 8. Is the casino available on mobile phones? At the moment, players can play many versions of roulette on their mobile devices directly from their browsers. Other games they can play on our download version. In a couple of days we are launching mobile Dice. 9. When is the live dealer casino expected to launch? We are launching the live casino dealer in November. 10. What can affiliates expect when working with the program this year and in 2014? This year, there have been some additions to our program that allow affiliates to earn even more. Starting from October 4, 2013, affiliates receive 1% on each winning casino bet from the regular games . Besides this, new games have been developed for instance, Sports Cars and Dice. Also new promotions in poker like the Jackpot Tournament and 100 prizes Freeroll. We have also connected with new payment systems such as Ukash. In the beginning of the year 2014, another new site will open with 30 Gaminator Slots from Novomatic. BetCruise will continue to evolve and develop relationships with our affiliates and customers. You can read the BetCruise affiliate program review or join the affiliate program and signup betcruise
21st Aug, 2018
John Wright