Bodog exclusive interview on West Bromwich Albion sponsorship

bodog west bromwich albion kit signing
21st Aug, 2018
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright

Tell us about how the jersey sponsorship came about as the bodog team must be very excited about this. I could imagine that opportunities like this are not always available.

We’ve been on the search for a shirt for a while and we previously had a deal with Fulham FC as their online betting partner.

This was the next natural step from there & West Brom now have manager Roy Hodgson at the helm who took Fulham to the Europa Cup Final & if we get anything like the ride we did then we’ll be thrilled.

Bodog is already a worldwide brand but do you think this sponsorship exposure will help increase the presence and popularity of the brand in the United Kingdom and in Europe?

A Premiership shirt gives a sense of instant credibility for those that may not already know the brand so for sure it will help in that respect but nowadays its also about building relationships with the fans both WBA and beyond – though it might be tricky with the Wolves fans!

West Bromwich Albion finished 11th in the Premierleague for the 2010/2011 season, do you think the team will improve in the upcoming season?

The Baggies flew up the table as soon as Roy took over – even beating Liverpool and I am sure they will build on that finish both in the League and in the Cups.

They have kept their best players and bought in some new blood and so a Cup run is not out of the question once safety has been secured.

August 14th, West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester United, who will win this match?

Well I certainly think its the best time to be playing Manchester United – they tend to improve through a season rather than start at their best - and the beauty of being the underdogs is WBA have nothing to lose.

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Advantages of the partnership with West Bromwich Albion

This partnership is set to bring lots of good stuff for Bodog in the near future. The deal represents the opportunity to enter the most important football league in the world. The betting site will be able to increase its popularity even further, having the chance of showing its name each and every time West Bromwich Albion steps on the fields.

Apart from the popularity that will certainly increase within the English territory, Bodog will be able to stand out across the whole world. The site will start drawing attention from football fans in all the continents. Certainly, having a jersey partnership with a Premier League team has plenty of advantages in terms of popularity and recognition.

Even though West Bromwich Albion is not one of the top teams in the league, the deal will be enough to make Bodog more relevant in the online gambling industry.

The simple fact that this team will be facing some of the most important teams in the world almost every weekend will give Bodog the opportunity to show its name and brand freely at every occasion, so the fans at the stadium and the ones watching the matches on TV can feel curious about this betting site.

Another important aspect to take into account is the strong confidence that Bodog is building within the British territory. That is because this site was the very first betting company to acquire a gambling license by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

The acquisition of the license made Bodog one of the most important websites when it came to having fun and making extra money online.

Ever since that moment, Bodog has taken over the British market by storm, letting the British residents enjoy lots of betting options such as sports events, poker rooms and lots of casino games to choose from. Bodog started giving the British players the chance to enter the intriguing and lucrative world of online gambling.

How long will the partnership be active?

As of this moment, the partnership was signed for the following season only, which means that the deal is set to last for only one year at this very moment. Normally, these types of deals last from 3 to 4 years. However, Bodog and West Bromwich Albion have decided to be partners for only 1 year so that they can both test unknown waters.

It is true that Bodog had partnered up with another football team previously, but, this will be its very first time having a jersey sponsoring deal.

Due to this particular reason, Bodog and West Bromwich Albion thought that making the deal for 1 year would be the smartest decision. In case that both parties end the year completely satisfied with the results of the partnership, it is possible that they sign another deal.

With that being said, it is easy to notice the high expectations surrounding this partnership. Bodog is confident that this deal will easily make it grow within the competitive gambling industry, and in case it does not work perfectly, the betting site will certainly be more relevant within the British territory.

If you started feeling curious about Bodog after having read this article, you may go ahead and visit its website to check each and every betting option available to you.

You may enjoy betting on sports events, casino games and live dealer games such as poker and baccarat on this betting site. Moreover, you do not have to be living within the United Kingdom to join Bodog, you are free to register and bet on this site as long as your country of residence permits the use of online gambling sites.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright