iGB Super Show 2012 preview

igb super show 2012
21st Aug, 2018
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The iGB Super Show 2012 happens May 22-25th and is free for all delegates! head of operations, Shona ODonnell shares what everyone can expect in Dublin

1. LAC was probably the largest event ever. Year after year as the industry events grow, what are you expecting for the Super Show 2012?

We’ve invested in lots of new features for this years show. We have five conference tracks so alongside the ever popular online marketing and acquisitions track, we will also have BeTS, a brand new track on sports betting trends and strategies, an introduction to financial betting, covering forex and binary options, the iGaming Business Trends and regulations track and finally PRiME, Professional iGaming Management Education, so we really do have something for everyone.

We’ll also be bring back speed networking during our welcome drinks and have refined it so you can meet exactly the right people for you with a session designed for affiliates and affiliate programmes.

Another new addition are the iGB Learning clinics, where you can book a free assessment with an industry expert on wordpress, seo, ppc, conversion and payments and more yet to come. Plus a huge exhibition and lots of exciting networking opportunities.

2. The last iGaming Super Show was a shaky time of the year with Black Friday happening just before the event. Is there more optimism this time around for the online poker industry that 2012 and beyond will be profitable?

Last year we had Black Friday just a month before the Super Show and it did mean that some people weren’t able to make it.

I think on the whole the industry is much more positive particularly after the DoJs clarification on the wire act in relation to online gaming.

I think that this year we are almost certain to see the first bill passed and I think we’re likely to see that in New Jersey being championed by Senator Raymond Lesniak, I could be wrong but I hope I’m not.

3. Tell us about any new companies or new products on the horizon that will be showcased at this conference?

As the Super Show covers both affiliates and b2b we have a huge variety of exhibitors, some of the new ones to the show in the affiliate zone include: iGame, who have a poker offering and Lotosplay who have a new casino and poker offering to tempt delegates with.

We also have SpotOption who are sponsoring the financial zone which will offer something completely new for delegates, Dublinbet have renewed their City Sponsorship as a home grown brand and are busy giving us an insiders guide to Dublin every week so check their blog.

4. What social events are planned so far?

As ever we like to make sure that everyone is taken care of from dawn till dusk, so we have some great networking parties.

We kick off with welcome drinks in the Bewleys the offical hotel on the 22nd, very kindly sponsored by Gala Partners so you can start networking and catching up with old friends straight away.

Every day we have a free bar in the exhibition hall between 3-6 to help get those more stubborn of affiliate manager to agree to a higher rev share and if that is not enough Cosy Games are holding happy hour drinks in the hotel bar, which is just 2 minutes walk from the exhibition hall.

Our evening parties are all under wraps right now but we do have some great venues booked so make sure you register for the show so you’re kept up to date on all the party details.

5. There are still affiliates that think these events are just a means to party but no business gets done. Is this true?

I think that this used to be the case but the industry has grown up in recent years and while people enjoy the parties, there is a lot of business that gets done at the events and also at the parties.

Feedback told us that people like to be able to networking and not just party so we try to make sure that this is possible earlier in the evening before getting the party started a little later once all the business has been done.

Nowhere is the motto, ‘ work hard play hard’ truer that at an iGaming Business event.

I’ve spoken to people how are still following up on contacts they made at LAC, I think our events offer the perfect combination of business and pleasure.

The whole iGaming Business team has been and still is hard at work making the Super Show an amazing event where you’ll make lots of contacts and do some great business.

We’ll won’t rest until we know your satisfied so if you’ve any questions please get in touch.

We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone in Dublin for a pint of the good stuff!

For more information you can visit iGB Affiliate blog or go straight to the conference website.

igb supershow 2012
21st Aug, 2018
John Wright