Gambling Summit SiGMA Europe postponed

gambling summit SiGMA Europe postponed
3rd Sep, 2020
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When it comes to the gambling community and hugely crowded events, most of the people (if not all of them) involved in mixing these up together are still quite concerned about the effects of the global crisis that’s been going on.

Enter SiGMA Group.

SiGMA group is a company that started in 2014 looking to integrate all of the information about gambling and iGaming in the same showfloor. The ever increasing amount of industry trends has come a long way, so much so, that merging every aspect of it became a necessity.

From solution providers to suppliers of software, and all the way to operators of sports books, online casinos and lottos, this movement showed us that it has what it takes to take full advantage of the potential that a massive event showcasing all of this had in the entire gambling scene.

Where did it start?

All of this started in Malta, from past events such as gaming conventions to gatherings and awards, much like the upcoming (or rather not upcoming anymore) Malta Gaming Awards this November. They’ve even been looking to expand their reach overseas. SiGMA Group is looking to launch their second Digital Summit this year, “SiGMA LATAM Digital” which caters to the South American region and also upcoming super expos in Manila and Cape Town for its SiGMA ASIA and AFRICA divisions. But they’re not throwing caution to the wind this time around.

Eman Pulis shows concern about COVID-19

A statement has come from the founder of SiGMA Group, Eman Pulis, in which he said “SiGMA 2020 was due to take place this November, the show was sold out and we were extremely excited for this edition to take place. However COVID-19 had other plans and therefore we have decided to postpone the show for another 3 months. I must send my gratitude to all the exhibitors who agreed to move their participation at SiGMA with us. I look forward to the new dates and I look forward to welcoming you all with arms wide open”

Hey, at least we know that these guys are really taking care of us out here. But all in all, we’re still in the hopes that we will strive and all of this will be over soon.

COVID-19 and the gambling industry

The global pandemic has certainly struck each and every single aspect of life.

Everyone across the globe has been unable to enjoy simple pastimes such as walking at a park and going to the movies with their friends.

The gambling industry is surely not even close to be an exception to the extraordinary circumstance.

Nowadays, most retail casinos and gambling venues are closed down for an indefinite period of time due to the risk of getting sick with the lethal COVID-19.

In the same way, any kind of reunion or gathering is strictly prohibited, including gambling expos and meetings with the intention of addressing the many obstacles that the industry is facing.

Overall, it is clear to see how the pandemic has damaged the gambling industry when it comes to popular attractions like the whole city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

COVID-19 and the iGaming industry

Retail casinos and gambling locations have surely taken the hardest blow when it comes to getting affected by the pandemic.

However, the companies dedicated to offering online gambling services have had a different journey since the beginning of the virus spreading.

That is because ever since the quarantine imposed by the authorities was put in place, these sites have witnessed a scandalous growth in their number of visitors and registered players.

As a matter of fact, these online gambling sites have taken over the whole industry for the time being.

People across the globe are looking for ways to have fun and earn money at the same time, so it is comprehensive why online casinos and sportsbook have been more popular than ever these last two years.

Impact of the virus on the online betting sites

The transition from retail online casinos to online platforms was inevitable, without any doubts. But, it is obvious that the global quarantine has given this particular transition an incredible push from the very beginning.

According to many sites dedicated to measuring the growth in online betting sites, after the quarantine started, these sites have increased their number of registered players by more than 50% without spending much money on marketing strategies.

To make it even more shocking, the number of new online casinos and sportsbooks launched per month has grown at least 40% since the beginning of the quarantine.

With that being said, it is easy to see how the COVID-19 has benefited the iGaming industry in pretty much each and every area.

Restrictions on ads available for iGaming platforms

In the United Kingdom and other countries, gambling companies have agreed to put a stop to all their TV and radio advertisements for games and items.

The companies have expressed that the decision was voluntarily in every single way. The measurement certainly caused some surprise within the industry due to the loss of the great opportunity to increase their popularity during such desperate times.

Despite the fact that the real reason behind the stop has never been stated, many experts and members of the gambling industry have said that the measurement was taken due to certain accusations.

As a matter of fact, most iGaming platforms have been accused of exploiting or taking advantage of the quarantine.

The rise in gambling addiction

Several organizations dedicated to preventing gambling addiction have declared that online casinos and sportsbooks are seizing the fact that people do not know what to do during the days forced to be indoors at all times. According to stats, gambling addiction has risen up to 30% in the United Kingdom and other major jurisdictions since the start of the quarantine.

Such stats have caused some serious concerns within the governments and families worldwide, since this addiction is known for destroying economies and relationships between relatives.

3rd Sep, 2020
Simon Colmenares