Your Guide to Guest Posting for you Gambling Affiliate Site

21st Aug, 2018
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Your Guide to Guest Posting for you Gambling Affiliate Site

Guest blogging is a great opportunity to promote your online gambling affiliate site.

Whether you’re just starting out and trying to make some money part-time, or are managing multiple domains and trying to maximize the amount of converted clicks you can earn from your programs, guest posting presents an avenue to get your site noticed.

Now, before you go off and start writing that killer guest post, think about what your target website wants from a guest post.

Better yet, give that website exactly what it wants. How?

Well this is achieved easily by contacting your list of prospective websites first, and then making the post based on what they want.

To establish contact, just write a quick email like this:

“Hey, I’m so-and-so from Company X and I am offering my services as a guest blogger in order to promote my site. Is there any subjects you’re particularly lacking coverage in? I would be willing to put in the research and provide a great post for you.”

If you’re expecting a backlink, it’s best to be upfront about this in the email, so there’s no disagreement later on, especially since linking out to gambling sites is seen as ‘bad juju’ among webmasters, but you generally shouldn’t have to worry about that if you’ve selected targets within the niche.

In subsequent emails, it’s important to iron out details regarding word count and, sometimes, payment.

Word count is pretty basic, if you’re not offering someone 500 words or more, you’re really not giving them a quality article, and if you’re not focusing on quality, you don’t have much business writing in the first place.

Provide value to your guest blog host and you will be rewarded with:
a) a friend and reliable contact for the future,
b) a post that looks great and attracts readers back to your site and
c) a sense that you’re contributing to the quality of the web.

Of course, exceptions exist to the rule, if you’re creating a “how to guide” that is detailed in 5 succinct steps, it’s possible to be brief and qualitative at the same time.

The issue of payment for placement does come up from time to time.

My advice is if you’re just starting out, don’t worry about it, there’s plenty of other websites to get posted on that will be free.

If you’re managing an already successful site though and need a push, consider it though, just weigh it up and figure out if spending $20 on this guest post is going to get you at least $20 in referrals.

When you’re good enough of a writer in the future though, and have some ‘status’ of your own, guest posts should generally be free.

Before we write these emails though, we need to establish our list of prospective websites first.

This is a bit trickier with the gambling niche though, because the major guest blog exchange websites such as My Blog Guest do not have a gambling section (probably due to ‘bad juju’) and the only one I’ve been able to come across that has any gambling sites listed, a site called “Guest Post Directory” only has 3 websites listed that need guest posts and those listings could be ancient.

We have to get a bit more motivated with our search for good websites to target for guest posts and this takes a bit more energy.

You can just go to good old Google and do a search on your specific niche: for example do a search on slots, pokies or roulette.

There should be a plethora of sites for you to contact, just navigate to their “Contact” or About Us” sections and see if you can source the details for emailing them.

But the search doesn’t just have to be within your specific niche, branch out, find some influential bloggers within gambling or other fields that are willing to link out to your website in exchange for quality content.

Because you are, in fact, a gambling affiliate, make contact with gambling affiliate sites who can provide you with quality exposure.

Look, there’s a lot of websites out there, and some which are basically begging for content.

There’s got to be a way for you to satisfy their need for content, while having your needs for exposure met at the same time.

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21st Aug, 2018
John Wright