7 Ways to Find iGaming Affiliates

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5th Aug, 2022
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For those who do not know, iGaming Affiliates are people who have either a platform, followers, a blog, a web page or some kind of relevant media where they promote a product or service, in this case leading to the website of a casino operator or iGaming company.

Affiliates are extremely important, not only for this world but for marketing in general because they bring a message to an audience that the company does not always reach, promoting products or services so that they have more visibility.

Affiliates usually work for a commission, which can be based on the number of clicks on the link, the number of people who have registered on the page or a successful conversion, however this is negotiated with each company separately.

Now, getting affiliates can be complicated, that's why in this article we are going to explain 7 ways to find iGaming Affiliates.

Create an interesting affiliate program

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Before creating an affiliate program, it is necessary to know what kind of commissions exist, in order to evaluate which one is the most popular or the most convenient to attract the attention of potential new affiliates. Now, we will briefly mention some types of commissions that exist: 

  • CPA: This commission is the one that is obtained when the client makes a specific action, which is usually a first deposit. 
  • CPL: This type of commission is also known as Pay Per Click (PPC), this means that the affiliate will be paid for each person that enters the platform through the link provided.
  • Revenue Share: RevShare is the commission where the affiliate gets a percentage of a player's lifetime winnings as long as they have registered on the platform with the affiliate's link.

Provides useful tools for your affiliates

To attract new affiliates, it is important that the program offers them useful tools, so that they can bring more visitors. 

It is always recommended to provide affiliates with transparent analytics and real time statistics for them to monitor, so that fraud is not an option. 

Other recommendations are a fast payment system with a wide variety of currencies and payment methods, as well as a good bonus offer. This way, the user flow will be higher. This helps affiliates because they have more things to offer people, increasing the amount of visits to the platform. 

Affiliate Finder Tools

AffiliateTrack Tool

An excellent way to find iGaming Affiliates is through search tools, either through forums, groups or web pages.

It is recommended to search in media such as Facebook, which has many active groups with thousands of affiliates or potential affiliates. There are also LinkedIn groups that could be useful.

Affiliate finder tools for iGaming Affiliates, such as the one you can find on AffiliateTrack, is a hot option right now since it allows operators to find affiliates for their programs by collecting all relevant contact data on any affiliate website.

These kinds of affiliate finder tools for iGaming Affiliates are still a rare breed due to the specificity of this particular niche, so, finding one that successfully fulfill your needs couldn't come at a more convenient time.

Excellent quality of service

One way to find iGaming affiliates is to offer an excellent program, which is always transparent in terms of results, statistics and commissions.

Additionally, it is advisable to have 24/7 customer service available, this way you can solve any inconvenience that may appear and eliminate any unexpected obstacle. 

It is also necessary to be totally transparent with the payments to the affiliates, to make them in the established time, in order to create trust with them.

In short, everything must always be honest and transparent, so that the affiliates feel secure in the program.

Talk to possible affiliates individually

After you have created a solid affiliate program with all the necessary tools, it is highly recommended to make a list of affiliate partners that are important in iGaming.

After you have made this list and searched for the types of contracts they usually work with, you can talk directly to them. 

When talking to affiliates it is important to know how to sell the product, offer everything the program has available and talk honestly about the benefits it will bring to both you and the affiliate.

This is one of the ways to get iGaming affiliates, the idea is to make your product known in a personal level.

Make your affiliate program visible

The home page of an operator is the letter of introduction, this is why it is extremely important that the affiliate program is visible and eye-catching.

This section of the website should have all the information that the affiliate needs to know, as well as a section of frequently asked questions and how to enter the program.

It is essential that this page shows the commission paid to the affiliate, how to generate commissions, the benefits of the program, terms and conditions, and other possible information that may be of interest. 

Making the affiliate program visible can also be done by partnering with similar companies that are not competitors, doing events together or publishing together so that it can reach different people. 

Search for blogs related to iGaming

Blogging is a popular way to get a large number of people to enter your website, because the big bloggers have a defined and loyal audience that will trust their recommendations.

Now, you should look for blogs that are related to your product, in this way both have a relationship and can generate a greater flow both on the website and on the blog. 

To get suitable blogs it is advisable to search with keywords, from there you should select bloggers who have a similar audience to the niche you want to reach. 

After you have done the previous mentioned, you should keep track of the blogs, the reach they have and compare them. When you have selected the right blog, offer your product always looking for the best way to talk to the person, respectfully and selling your service by letting them know the best features of it. 

5th Aug, 2022
Simon Colmenares