iGamefriends and 24hPoker offer sportsbook and casino

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21st Aug, 2018
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Did you know that 24hPoker has bingo, casino and sportsbetting all in one brand?

iGamefriends affiliate program are now promoting their casino and sportsbook products harder and they want you to do the same.

How long has the 24hpoker sportsbook been online?

Since 2003

Which software does it use?


What percentages of players that go to the poker site cross over to sportsbetting and vice versa?

This is something that we are focusing on to improve.

Most players obviously have turned to us mainly with poker playing as the main object but when the players discovers our nice odds combined with our fun and interesting private promos the cross-selling between the different products improves.

What are some of the current promotions running for the sportsbook?

We have just finished three very appreciated private promotions where we have sent one player to Madrid to experience a live Real Madrid game and two players to the US to see a couple of NHL ice hockey games.

The winners of the NHL promo will also attend the legendary Swedish hockey player Peter Forsberg’s retirement ceremony, taking place in Colorado and that will definitely be a memory for life for these lucky winners.

These private sportsbook promotions are something that we will continue to do and we are right now planning on the next exciting promotion, so keep your eyes and ears open!

Are players betting the most on football (soccer)?

Football is the most popular sport to bet on among the European players but we do offer nice odds on the most different games out there.

Worth also to mention is that ice hockey is a very popular sport to bet on in the northern European countries.

24hpoker igamefriends
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The expansion of 24hPoker

As the name suggests it, 24hPoker has been targeting and focusing on offering poker rooms to the players worldwide since its early days.

The brand has been quite successful since the moment it was established, drawing the attention of European players and the rest of the world thanks to its innovative platform and eye-catching offers and promotions.

Despite its already settled status and overall great reputation in the iGaming industry, 24hPoker made the relevant and compelling decision to expand the market it targets and include a sportsbook and casino games as gambling alternatives for the registered players.

The sportsbook was the first new addition to the platform, while the casino games were included some time later. The sportsbook was an immediate success, especially considering the fact that 24hPoker was widely famous in Europe, the continent in which sports bet is the most popular form of gambling.

Once the casino games were added to the site, the players were more than delighted. Now, the platform is known for how complete and up-to-date it is in all aspects.

The players are more than happy to know that they can bet comfortably and safely on a single brand. There is absolutely no need to invest on a different site because 24hPoker has it all for them.

What the expansion means for 24hPoker in the iGaming industry

The idea behind the expansion of 24hPoker comes from the fact that the brand was already established and known for having the best poker rooms that an online betting site could offer to its players,

But, as the iGaming industry evolves, the executives in charge of 24hPoker thought that it may be wise to start entering new markets and make the brand immerse into new directions.

Therefore, it can be said that the new 24hPoker expansion represents the desire of the company to become a household name within the iGaming industry.

The brand is looking to become a reliable platform that the players have available to bet on anything they want at any time without the limitation of knowing that the site only has poker titles open for them.

iGamefriends in charge of promoting the new 24hPoker expansion

iGamefriends is the official affiliate program for 24hPoker. The affiliate marketing platform has been sponsoring and promoting 24hPoker since the time it was launched, and it can be said that it has done it perfectly.

The affiliates registered on iGamefriends have been capable of attracting a high number of players to the betting site on a regular basis, helping it turn into one of the most popular online betting site in the world.

In addition to that, the great job done by iGamefriends and its partners has allowed 24hPoker to stay on the market for many years, something that most iGaming brands are not able to boast nowadays.

For the affiliates, iGamefriends is a top-notch affiliate marketing site on which they can monetize the traffic of their sites without having to make much of an effort.

The registration procedure is quick and easy to finish. Furthermore, the applications are answered within 24 hours only so that the affiliate can start being part of the iGamefriends community as soon as it is possible.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright