InterPartners rebranded from Partnerlogic: Affiliate Manager Interview

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21st Aug, 2018
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One of the affiliate managers at InterPartners, Thomas Rhys Jones, shares the thought process behind the rebranding of InterPartners from PartnerLogic.

What was the main reason behind the rebrand of partnerlogic to interpartners?

Following the success of the rebranding of InterCasino & InterPoker last year, we felt that it would add greater synergy with our flagship brands.

Additionally, with the whole new reporting/marketing tools we were implementing with Income Access and being the program’s 10th anniversary, we felt that it was the perfect time to change the name to InterPartners.

What sort of improvements have you been working on the program? Are there any new affiliate tools as well?

PartnerLogic had been one of the industry leading affiliate programs for 10 years, but felt that to give the affiliates all the tools they needed for the best possible service, we know we need to evolve with the market.

That is why we decided to move to the Income Access powered back-end who offer some fantastic functionality that we didn’t have available before.

With the aftermath of Black Friday still ongoing, are you finding more affiliates going back to affiliate programs in the regulated markets?

Players and affiliates tend to see this issue in two ways.

Many players continue to play at the sites that were affected, because the prize pools have remained large but the numbers are less – giving them more chance to win the bigger events.

But for those players that are playing on a more regular basis and want the peace of mind that they are getting the best long term value, yes, the affiliates that cater to that type of player are pooling more of their resources into regulated markets and investing more time to build good relationships with established, Eurocentric sites.

What can affiliates expect when working with interpartners?

We offer affiliates everything they would expect from a leading program; the latest links, creative and content as soon as it is available, all easily accessible through

We have a ‘live chat’ facility on-site, and an affiliate team contactable by email or phone ready to answer any and all questions to help affiliates grow their campaigns.

Do you have more features and improvements planned or is this top secret?

We are looking to constantly add new features and API’s to both the back-end and the front end site, such as mobile access, etc.

But you’ll have to keep an eye on the site as we will always keep our affiliate up-to-date with any new releases.

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InterPartners Review

The new InterPartners affiliate program

InterPartners is the brand-new brand name that has been adopted by Partnerlogic. The change in the name will not represent the loss of any accumulated earnings or anything else that made the original brand famous worldwide.

The registered affiliates on InterPartners have absolutely nothing to worry about as all of their stats and stored earnings are still on their respective accounts.

It was definitely one of the biggest concerns for the affiliates, but thanks to a InterPartners representative, the affiliates can now calm down and focus on driving traffic to the brands that InterPartners has always sponsored.

Another important aspect to point out is that the affiliates registered on Partnerlogic, now InterPartners, do not have to change their links. They can keep on promoting the same links that they were using before the change in the brand’s name.

The new InterPartners will remain as one of the most experienced and complete affiliate programs in the world. The new name is set to mark the beginning of a new era within the affiliate program.

The iGaming industry is evolving without any doubts, and the brands that are part of it must catch up with such evolution at all times. InterPartners is already working towards it, and the affiliate program is now updating the many marketing tools that it has available to all the registered webmasters.

The new era of gambling is already here and InterPartners wants to be part of it

After 10 years operating within the iGaming industry, InterPartners has witnessed its early days and the many struggles that came along with them.

The team behind InterPartners was always patient and confident that the iGaming industry was going to turn into one of the best fields to work on, so they went through all the hardships and difficulties that were present regularly.

Eventually, as the iGaming industry kept on growing and developing, InterPartners settled down as one of the most reliable affiliate programs available worldwide.

The webmasters were simply in love with all the offers and promotions available on this affiliate program. Moreover, this affiliate program represented the best way to monetize the traffic of their sites, so they were more than happy with the affiliate program.

Now, the iGaming industry is going through a new face in which the trends and offers must evolve in order for the brands to stay relevant on the market.

InterPartners knows that it was not easy to remain on the market for 10 years, so it would be a bit of a disappointment to fail at this point.

Therefore, the team in charge of the new InterPartners is already working on all the updates needed to stay at the top when it comes to affiliate marketing platforms.

The challenge of the new InterPartners

Even though the brand counts with a solid number of loyal affiliates, it still needs to work on the countries and continents where the webmasters can enter from.

The affiliate program is already settled down as a prolific and reliable affiliate program within Europe, but it may be the time for the brand to expand and reach new horizons such as North America and Asia.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright