Niche Markets in Sportsbetting

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21st Aug, 2018
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One of the easiest ways to get a betting affiliate website started is to keep it simple and focus on a niche market within sportsbetting

When creating a new website often many new webmasters have thought that they need to focus on the whole market rather than a slice of the pie. These are generic gambling sites focused on things like online casinos, sportsbetting, bingo, etc... Within these main categories exist sub categories that are of course easier to focus on.

What is your favourite sport?

Most people tend to have 1 or 2 favourite sports.  They might be a fan of many types of sports but usually you can find someone who has a #1 sport they are the biggest fan of and perhaps 1 team as well.

If you are a sports fan then it is easier to do an affiliate site focused on your favourite sport than something like generic sports or an online casino portal. Simply put, the passion is there and it makes it easier to work on the site and constantly produce content.

Likewise it is just a lot of quality content for 1 sport rather than trying to fill out content for other sports you may not like.  Generic betting portals are too much of a challenge and some sites have existed for well over 10 years so that is your competition.

Some sports might be a bit more competitive but in general just trying to focus on a niche makes it easier. Niche marketing isn't new but then again most people think the niche markets in gambling are all taken over with no chance left and this could be the furthest from the truth.

A few examples of niche betting sites - Betting on football - Betting on hockey & NHL - Betting on Formula 1 Trying to rank for core keywords like sportsbetting, betting odds, betting bonuses is going to be far more challenging than betting on football, worldcup betting, hockey betting or Formula 1 betting.

On top of this the conversion is more focused. Someone searching for these specific keywords are probably going to convert better.

Niche sports betting topics

Whatever your favourite sport is, stick to that if you want to launch a betting portal. You can't go wrong with something you are passionate about and follow.

  • hockey
  • football
  • NFL
  • Basketball
  • Olympics
  • World Cup
  • Golf
  • MMA
  • Racing
  • Rugby

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Selecting a sportsbook affiliate program

When you have your topic selected, next thing is you will want to decide which sportsbooks are best to work with and this is perhaps more difficult than you thought.

You need to look at every sportsbook to see if they offer the odds for your sports. Some books cover certain sports and certain target markets so one sportsbook might be great for North American sports but not as good for UK markets for example.

If you are looking for a list of sportsbook affiliate programs we have them listed. A few sponsor programs include Affiliate Hub and SBOBET Affiliates. sportsbook affiliate programs listings

If you need help getting a betting portal off the ground ask one of our affiliate coaches.

The importance of focusing on one area only

Niche marketing can also be considered as “focusing on one area or sector”.

It has been proven statistically that focusing on one sector or area instead of the whole market can be quite beneficial for any type of brand.

It comes from the fact that your activities and overall effort will have to be distributed in different areas or sectors at the same time, making it a lot more difficult to operate properly in any of them.

On the other hand, focusing on one single area allows you to focus and give all of your energy and effort to that specific sector, giving you the chance to get better results at the end.

Other aspects to take into account

Before considering a sports betting topic or area, such as baseball or basketball, it is important to take certain aspects into account:

The leagues or markets of that particular topic

There are plenty of sports leagues available and distributed worldwide. Most of them are independent of each other and have their own regulations and limitations.

When taking a topic into consideration, it is crucial to think about the specific market or sports league that you want to focus on as well.

For example: if you want to focus on basketball, it is recommended to narrow down the topic and choose a specific league or market such as the NBA or all the American basketball leagues and matches like College basketball and the NBA at the same time.

Narrowing down the topic is can be quite beneficial for your brand since you can focus on it more precisely and the players will begin to consider your brand a trustworthy betting option when it comes to that specific league or market.

The regulations and limits of each topic

As every sport and league is independent of each other, they have their own regulations and limitations that must be taken into account before focusing your operations on any of them.

Because of that, it is advised to look for any possible limitation that could because an issue for your brand in that specific topic.

For instance, if your desired topic is football, you must study the different limitations that this specific sport and its respective leagues have.

Analyzing the topic thoroughly can save up a lot of effort and potential problems.

The growth of the topic

Another aspect that is important to remember is the growth or potential earnings from that specific topic that you have chosen.

For example, choosing the Olympics as your topic can be quite lucrative when the Olympic Games are taken place.

However, once the event is over, your brand would have nothing to promote or sell to its players for 4 years up until the new Olympics get under way again.

With that in mind, it is recommended not to choose a topic or area that is most likely going to represent a big loss for your brand.

It is better to go for topics that offer daily, weekly, monthly or annual events since you will always have something to work with.


21st Aug, 2018
John Wright