Is your list of casino bonuses killing your affiliate site?

Casino list of bonuses
24th Sep, 2021
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An affiliate site is a web portal that can make your life as an affiliate marketer a lot easier in many ways.

These platforms are filled up with information regarding the industry and how the most successful brands have made it to the top so that you can follow in their footsteps and get there yourself.

Additionally, these sites allow the users to read about the most interesting and beneficial traits of the betting sites that you can promote as an affiliate program.

That way, you can make a deal with a prolific betting platform that will make you earn high sums of money in a short period of time.

These affiliate sites can garner information such as best online casinos in a determined country, best sportsbooks for a determined competition and of course, the best bonuses that online casinos have available to the players at that particular moment.

Too much is not good

However, many of these affiliate sites go overboard and list a high number of bonuses and promotions on their platforms, forcing the users to wait for long periods of time since these lists tend to be full of heavy data

Eventually, the users get bored and leave the site without checking out a single offer listed on the platform. After all, for most users, what matters the most is compact and concise information that allows them to learn without having to read much.

With that being said, if you are operating an affiliate site, it is important to take the following pros and cons in consideration before thinking of listing many bonuses and promotions on your respective platform:


Lots of data available to the users

If your affiliate site is filled up with bonuses and promotions of all kinds, one thing is for sure, the users that have access to those bonuses and promotions will be able to check out plenty of them whenever they want.

In case the user is visiting your platform for this particular reason, he will be more than delighted to know that there is a large variety of bonuses and promotions available to him, so he can know all the information about them easily.

Having a long list of bonuses and promotions gives the visitors of your site a lot of data to read and the opportunity to acquire all the information needed about them in the most comfortable way possible.

All the needed information in a single space

Another great aspect about listing a lot of bonuses and promotions on your site is the fact that the users most likely do not even have to request additional information anywhere else.

They pretty much have all the information on your platform.

This is great for those users that hate to search for a single thing on multiple sites. 

Wide variety of options and alternatives

Since you show plenty of bonuses and promotions on your site, the users have access to a wide variety of bonuses and promotions, and they have the possibility to check all out and make up their minds about them.

They can find bonuses and promotions of all kinds and the large selection of them gives them the opportunity to choose the most convenient ones depending on what they are looking for. 


Too much information can be overwhelming

At times, the users will think of the long list of bonuses and promotions as overwhelming and completely unnecessary. For them, an affiliate site may not have to provide such extensive information and because of that, they end up leaving the platform as a whole. 

As the operator of any platform, especially an affiliate site, you must remember that most users want to have access to information that can be understood easily and quickly

Having lots of information about a specific topic would be considered boring and plain useless for most of the visitors of your site.

The loading time can be considered eternal

Another negative aspect about providing too much information on an affiliate site is the long waiting time that such information involves.

This tends to happen frequently, since the bonuses and promotions are often illustrated with lots of logos and images that explain their use and benefits.

Taking this into consideration, these lists of bonuses and promotions usually last a long time to load completely, and most users simply give up on them before it actually happens.

Waste of effort and time

As it was mentioned previously, the visitors of your site are most likely just looking for some short yet understandable information and not a long list of benefits and terms and conditions regarding the bonuses and promotions available to them.

With that in mind, it would a total waste of your time and effort to be investigating and typing all the information about the bonuses and promotions when the visitors of your site are not interested in it. 

What matters the most to you is making your audience happy and satisfied, so do not focus on doing anything that they would not care about. 

Focus your work and energy on all of those aspects that they definitely care about and that would ultimately make your platform more appealing and popular on the market.

Recommendations when building and operating an affiliate site

Now that you already know the positive and negative aspects that involve having bonuses and promotions on your affiliate site, it is crucial to take some additional recommendations into account. The following tips could help you boost the popularity and value of your platform on the market:

Keep it short and simple

As an affiliate site, you must focus on the industry that you work on. Do not offer information on topics or subjects that are completely irrelevant to your target audience.

Moreover, remember to keep all the data on your site short and understandable in all aspects. This way, the visitors of your site will consider your platform useful in all aspects and will definitely visit it each and every time they need a piece of information on a relevant issue.

Promote your services in the most subtle way possible

Since you are operating an affiliate site, your platform will be focused on offering any type of publicity or promotion. 

Despite the fact that this is the main reason behind the existence of your platform, spamming the site with the services you offer can be considered overwhelming and completely annoying for the visitors.

The best thing you can do is separate your services on a dedicated section. This specific section will be available for each and every visitor that is interested in your particular services.

The section does not have to be hidden away. You can put in plain sight where most of the visitors would be drawn to click on it.

A user-friendly experience is important at all times

A heavy, slow and boring affiliate site is never going to be the primary option for any user. Therefore, you must work on the user experience that the visitors of your platform will have each and every time they enter it.

Test the platform as many times as it is possible, identify bugs and glitches, detect malfunctions and of course, put on some work to get rid of them as soon as it is possible. 

Apart from that, focus on providing a functional mobile version. Most users are now browsing through the web on their phones and tablets, so having a user-friendly mobile version of the site can surely boost your site’s value.

24th Sep, 2021
Simon Colmenares