Mustardbet closes operations November 2019

mustardbet closes
15th Oct, 2019
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright is closing operations effective immediately. Players have until November 11th to have access to the site but should withdraw funds immediately. 

An email from Mustardbet Partners:

Dear Partner

It is with deep regret that we must inform you that as of today, Mustardbet has ceased taking bets. Please see for the full statement.

Therefore, it follows that the MustardBet affiliate programme will also cease operation as of today.
As per our Affiliate Terms and Conditions, clause 12.5 we are today providing you with seven days notice that our agreement with you will be terminated. On this date, 21 October 2019, all MustardBet links, odds and creative should be removed from your website - although we would appreciate it if this could be done asap to prevent customer confusion.
According to clause 12.9, copied below, on termination of the agreement (21 October 2019), you will cease to be eligible for revenue-share from your referred customers.
12.9. For the avoidance of doubt, you shall not be entitled to any revenue share in respect of revenues generated by Customers following the termination of this Agreement.
Any outstanding commission due up this date will be calculated and paid to you in the normal way.
It has been a pleasure to work with you and we thank you for your help in the promotion of MustardBet.
Kind Regards,
MustardBet Partners Team.

Abrupt closure by Mustardbet

Mustardbet has closed down after nearly two years of operations only. The platform was apparently running quite well before the news was published, making many players wonder what actually happened.

The site representatives have not expressed any type of statement concerning the reasons behind the sudden and abrupt ceasing of their operations.

As of this moment, the media and the players are still waiting for the real motives behind all of this chaos.

Certainly, knowing the reasons will not make the platform start operating gambling services again, but the whole industry is definitely curious about them nonetheless.

The speculation rises

Since no official statement has been made about the closure of Mustardbet, lots of speculation and theories have been made with the purpose of digging out the causes of it.

The most common theory or opinion expressed by the players and the experts is that the site may have been running on low funds all along.

The main reason why this theory is so strong is that fact that Mustardbet did not have any issues with its gambling regulator in any way.

Normally, when a gambling site closes down abruptly is because of a misunderstanding with their respective gambling regulators, but that was not the case for Mustardbet at all.

Because of that, it has been assumed that the betting platform was starting to go broke little by little and its executives simply made the decision of ceasing operations before it is too late.

The Mustardbet owner

Mustardbet was owned and operated by Mustard Systems Limited, an independent gambling company that decided to jump into the industry two years ago.

Since this is not a white label company, it is comprehensible how it may have run out of funds so quickly.

The gambling industry can be quite lucrative, for sure, but it is very competitive and ruthless as well. Entering the industry is already difficult, but staying active in it is more than just difficult.

15th Oct, 2019
John Wright