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21st Aug, 2018
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright is the latest acquisition by AXL Affiliates as they make their first major acquisition in the online casino space. Their previous portal acquisition includes for €1.15 million. The acquisition of Mvideoslots is for a 6 figure amount and may be disclosed at a future date as there is an earn-out phase.

From CEO Alex Munteanu

We are proud to announce one of the most exciting acquisitions for us in 2018. This is the first online slots related acquisition for AXL Affiliates and will help us achieve the high financial targets aimed for. This is a totally new segment for us and we hope to integrate it smoothly within our existing platform. I would like to thank everybody involved in making this transaction possible!

About Mvideoslots

Mvideoslots screenshot

Mvideoslots is an online slots portal that's focused more for mobile players. The site was launched in 2015 and through hard work and dedication, the site has been a rising star amongst slots portals. Not to be confused with Videoslots online casino, Mvideoslots is a casino portal that reviews online casinos and games.

From the Mvideoslots website:

Mvideoslots is the in-depth online gaming blog for novices and seasoned players. Are you after slot or casino reviews, bonuses or latest deals? This is your guide to stop wasting money on BS and help you get more bang for your buck.

You can read more about the press release here from AXL Affiliates.

AXL Affiliates growing on the market

The acquisition of Mvideoslots marks the beginning of the expansion that AXL Affiliates has been working for quite a while.

AXL Affiliates has stunned the gambling industry with its latest acquisition. Despite the massive growth that the affiliate platform has suffered in recent times, the acquisition of a whole different brand was never imagined by anyone outside the company.

As a global digital marketing company, AXL Affiliates has done a great job. Many webmasters are pleased with the platform and are more than thrilled to have Mvideoslots as part of the institution from now on.

The role of Mvideoslots on AXL Affiliates

Once the news about Mvideoslots being part of AXL Affiliates kicked in on everyone’s head, the following question for the members of the industry was the role and part that this particular brand would have.

As it was mentioned previously, Mvideoslots is a website where the players can read and analyze reviews and opinions of many online betting sites available across the world.

Apparently, AXL Affiliates is looking to add the reviewing site to its platform in a way that its registered members would be able to promote it and make it more relevant to the industry in a short period of time.

It seems that Mvideoslots will not change its approach and the services that it has available to the users as of this moment.

The AXL Affiliates representatives have expressed how their intention is making the site grow while focusing on its usual and already famous features and options.

They also added that Mvideoslots is set to become quite popular and important on the gambling industry, helping it turn into a reliable and fun way to generate extra income safely.

What Mvideoslots has to offer

if Mvideoslots is a fresh and unknown name for you up until this point, do not worry, here is a brief explanation of what this brand works on and looks to achieve.

Mvideoslots is a free reviewing platform that allows you to find out about the pros and cons of a high number of betting sites and affiliate programs.

Mvideoslots started off as a project that was focused on revealing the tricks and scams that have been performed by many gambling operators over the years,

The site amassed a great deal of active visitors due to the high accuracy and assistance that it offered to them on a daily basis.

Mvideoslots helps the gambling industry

Not long after its release, Mvideoslots became a trustworthy and transparent platform where the players and webmasters were able to learn anything regarding the gambling industry and the companies that are part of it.

Thanks to Mvideoslots, many users have been able to dodge and run away from fake online betting sites that are only looking to steal money from innocent players.

Overall, the existence of Mvideoslots and other honest reviewing have made the gambling industry more reliable, authentic and real to the players worldwide.

What can you find on Mvideoslots

Slot reviews

Mvideoslots is filled up with thorough reviews on the newest and most popular slot games available on online casinos. You can find information such as their RTP rate, graphics, features and how much money you can earn on each one of them.

Bonus reviews

Bonuses and promotions are important when it comes to joining an online casino without any doubts. They can help you boost your winnings and be able to withdraw great sums of money on a regular basis without having to invest large amounts of money.

Thankfully, on Mvideoslots, you can find the best bonuses and offers available on online casinos, giving you the chance to choose the most convenient betting platform that could help you earn money easily.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright