Can you win as much in an online casino as a land casino?

Land Casinos vs Online casinos
26th Oct, 2021
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With the passage of time and great advancements in recent technologies, games of chance have evolved until the arrival of Online Casinos, these casinos began to offer unique experiences not only in gambling but also visually.

Since the beginning of the 2000s until today online casinos have drastically increased their amount on the internet and there is no doubt that the numbers of online casinos will continue to increase and will evolve to adapt to the needs of all their players.

However, many players (more than all of those who are just going to enter the world of these online gambling houses) have the common doubt of "Will I be able to win as much as in a traditional casino?" "Will it be safe to bet on these websites?" "How can I withdraw my winnings?" For all this, there is an answer.

Online Casinos' High Rewards

In an Online casino you can win even more than in a traditional casino, since the different bonus packages that they offer can net you up to 500% of the bet, you just have to choose an online casino with a great welcome package, and so you will start earning from the moment you register.

In the case of knowing if the casino is safe, it is always recommended doing a little research through forums and ratings on the internet.

Another way to know if the casino is trustworthy is to see where its license is issued and/or regulated. Keep in mind that not all online casinos are allowed in all countries, since most countries have certain regulations regarding online gambling.

The drawbacks are not really drawbacks

Many internet users are constrained from playing in online casinos because they do not know how to make deposit and withdrawal transactions, today large online casinos have multiple payment options that range from traditional methods to cryptocurrencies.

Players should bear in mind that depending on the method they choose to carry out their transactions, they will have a time for them to be made effective, that is, if you choose to withdraw and/or deposit the funds with bank transfer, it may take around 3 days for the approval of the casino's transaction and from there 3 or 6 business days for the bank to issue the payment.

If you choose to pay with cryptocurrency, the transaction is almost instantaneous because it only takes a few minutes to make the transfer, if the player wishes to withdraw their winnings for cryptocurrencies, It will take 12 to 24 hours for the casino to approve, but after being approved you will instantly have it in your Wallet.

Thanks to the arrival and evolution of online casinos, crypto casinos have been created, they are casinos that make their bets with cryptocurrencies and usually with Bitcoin, this makes the players' earnings vary.

As they are volatile currencies these can lower or shoot their value In a matter of a few hours, that is, when the player obtains his winnings, he will have a specific value in the cryptocurrency he wants, but if he wants to transfer it to his local currency, this can vary its value.

There are many differences between traditional casinos and online casinos, the most notable of which are:

  • The variety of games, the games in traditional casinos, the number of games is limited to the land space that it has, on the other hand, in online casinos the amount of play is unlimited and every day more games are added to these platforms.
  • Free plays and spins, in traditional casinos players can only observe the players until their turn comes, but in online casinos the player is granted free spins and spins so that they can adapt and practice in the different games that it offers.
  • Unlimited bonuses, traditional casinos offer a certain number of bonuses to their players, in online casinos they are granted from the moment they register and these increase as the player spends time on the website, they can become a member VIP and receive weekly promotions and bonuses.
  • Significant increase in profits, when betting in traditional casinos it is more difficult to increase the bet either because of the waiting period for the game or the time it is open, in online casinos you can play at any time and do not wait to start playing your favorite game, also thanks to the bonuses they offer you can increase the money bet up to 500%.
  • Return to player or RTP, the slot machines of traditional casinos do not usually have a return of money for the player and in case they have it they are not as high as in online casinos that vary from 95% to 99% of the same making that the players have more opportunities to win or in any case to recover part of the money bet.
  • Play from wherever you are, in online casinos the user can access from the comfort of his home or the place where he is through different mobile devices, on the other hand in a traditional casino the player must go to the place where he is. to be able to enjoy the gaming experience.

Terms and conditions are a defining factor

Playing in online casinos is one of the ways to have fun and entertain yourself for a while with endless games, however, despite the fact that making money in these casinos is faster thanks to the offered bonuses, the player has to take into account that these have terms and conditions, the most common terms and conditions found in these bonuses are:

  • It must be played a certain number of times in the different games that it specifies.
  • You must bet a % on each game
  • The bonus is awarded depending on the amount of available balance the player has in the casino account.
  • In some cases, the player must earn a certain amount of points.
  • All bonuses can be collected after the player makes a validated deposit.

These terms and conditions are general, they may vary depending on the casino where the player is playing, any questions the player can consult through the online chat or through the customer service that these websites offer.

Final thoughts

Playing in traditional casinos has always been fun and thanks to the evolution of technology we can now play from the comfort of our home, in these you can play a wide variety of games such as Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Bingo and you can even join different tournaments in alive.

Since 2020 the attendance to these online gambling houses has increased due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, because most of the world population had to stay in their homes and had leisure time, this caused many of them to start to interact with the world of gambling, causing the number of users in online casinos to increase by 58% in the first quarter of the pandemic, this also caused software and games developers to begin to create more varieties and versions of themselves.

Every day, millions of users around the world enjoy the variety of these games while making money having fun.

No information that is entered into an online casino will be revealed to third parties, the identity of each player is anonymous, if at the time of registering at the online casino false information is provided, the account will be blocked or deleted, and you will lose everything.

To play safely both in online casinos and in traditional casinos you must bear in mind that you will not always have a winning streak, if you do not want to lose a large amount of money you must set a daily limit to bet.

Each country has a series of specific regulations and depending on where the gaming license is and where the online casino operates, you must follow its regulations.

26th Oct, 2021
Simon Colmenares