Neteller Affiliate Promotion: Win cash & iPad Min, June 2013

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21st Aug, 2018
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Top Spot in the Lot Affiliate Promotion Earn 25% Revenue Share + Win an iPad Mini + Cash Prizes totaling 2,000 USD Be on top: As an affiliate, you always want to come out top.  You strive to have the most market share, earn the most commission, have the best brand recognition and work hard to get your sites on the top of every customer’s mind. At NETELLER, we are aware of how hard affiliates work to achieve the top spot, and we are going to reward you for your efforts. From 1 June – 31 August (3 months), NETELLER is hosting the “Top Spot in the Lot” Affiliate promotion. By uploading our promotion banners to a top spot on your site, and proactively promoting NETELLER to your client base, you will be awarded with an increased revenue share of 25% simply for participating.  You’ll also have the chance to win an iPad Mini plus cash prizes totaling 2,000 USD.

How to get on top:

1.       Register for the promotion by contacting [email protected] with your Affiliate e-mail/username or Neteller member account to receive access to the promotional materials.

2.       Once you have registered for the promotion, we will put you into a special commission group which will pay you 25% revenue share for the entire promo period, and give you access to our promotional material.

3.       Put the promotional materials live in the “top spots” (prominent places) on your site and/or promote NETELLER to your client base

4.       Refer as many members as possible during the promotion period in order to win!

Top Spot Prizes:

1. 25% Revenue Share – Register for the “Top Spot in the Lot” promotion anytime between 1 June and 31 August to receive 25% Revenue Share for the promo period (3 months).  The earlier you register, the earlier you will receive the revenue share increase. 2. Top Spot in the Lot – Best Overall
  • ·         Prize:  iPad Mini + 1000 USD cash
  • ·         Affiliates have two chances to win the Best Overall prize.
o   Earn one ballot by becoming 1 of the 10 top affiliates earning the highest “Transfer To Merchant” revenue during the promotion period. o   Earn a second ballot by becoming 1 of the top 10 affiliates with the most new registrations during the promotion period
  • ·         The top 20 highest performers, as described above, will be placed in a draw to win this prize.
3. Top Spot in the Lot – Boost Your Conversions
  • ·         Prize: $1000
  • ·         In addition to the Best Overall prize, affiliates can win the Boost Your Conversions prize.
o   Affiliates will earn one ballot for every $500 in Total Revenue they generate during the 3 month promotion period.  Newly registered affiliates will start the promotion at $1. o   Any affiliate who increases their earnings by at least $500 during the promo period will be entered into the $1000 prize draw.  Every subsequent $500 generated will earn the affiliate another ballot. There is no limit to the number of ballots you earn. Winners’ NETELLER accounts will be credited with their cash and/or prize by the end of 15 Sept, 2013, and will be notified in writing once the promotion ends. Affiliate consent to having their name and website link posted in our PR communications will be requested. Terms and conditions content: Ø  Affiliates must register to participate in the promotion (running 1 June – 31 Aug 2013) by e-mailing  [email protected] to access the new creative that will track their performance, and to receive the 25% revenue share Ø  Winners’ NETELLER accounts will be credited with their cash prize by the end of 15 Sept, 2013 Ø  Affiliate winners will be notified in writing after the promotion ends, and will consent to having their name and website link being posted in our PR communications. Boost your conversions with our 50,000 USD cash give-away: To help sweeten the pot and your conversions, combine our “Top Spot of the Lot” promotion with our 50,000 USD Giveaway running 3 – 30 June, 2013.   Here, NETELLER members (you and your referrals) have 30 chances to win big cash prizes totaling 50,000 USD during the month of June. How to participate for the $50,000 Giveaway: Simply encourage your referrals to register for our $50, 000 Giveaway within their NETELLER account, and transact using their NETELLER account and Net+ cards to earn entries. Don’t forget to register yourself too. Both you and your referrals can qualify for the cash prizes. *Please note that you need to register for each promotion separately. ü  To register for the “Top Spot in the Lot” affiliate promotion, email [email protected] between 1 June and 31 August, 2013. ü  To register for the $50,000 Giveaway, log in to your NETELLER account between 3 – 30 June, 2013 and follow the instructions. How to earn entries for the $50,000 Giveaway:
  • ·         10 entries for 1000 USD transferred to any merchant site
  • ·         10 entries for 150 USD deposited into NETELLER account
  • ·         1 entry for every Net+ card use (virtual or plastic)
  • ·         1 entry for Net+ card application (virtual or plastic)
  • ·         1 entry for every Refer a Friend
  • ·         1 bonus entry for each showcase merchant you use
Prizes for the $50,000 Giveaway:
  • ·         Daily 100 USD giveaway every day!
o    Members can only win daily cash giveaway if they transacted within the 24 hours prior
  • ·         Weekly giveaway:
o    Week 1, June 9: 2,200 USD o    Week 2, June 16: 10,000 USD o    Week 3, June 23: 15,000 USD
  • ·         Grand Prize
o    Week 4, June 30: 20,000 USD
  • ·         Total Giveaway: 50,000 USD
Please log in to your NETELLER Affiliate account or go to our promotion site between 3-30 June, 2013 for more details. To learn more about the Neteller affiliate program visit our review.
21st Aug, 2018
John Wright