New Gambling Association launched

New Gambling Association launched
2nd Nov, 2020
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Joonas Karhu, Chief Business Officer of Bojoko, has launched the Professional Gambling Affiliates Association (PGAA).

This organization will look to improve the relationship directly between affiliates and operators while offering contractual security.

Karhu formed the association after noticing an imbalance emerging in the relationship between operators and affiliates. One of the main roles of the PGAA will be to call for more fair terms and conditions and contractual security when affiliates promote operator brands.

There are currently no such agreements. Affiliates often have to sign one-sided agreements that are subject to change at any moment. Fees can be increased with little notice, and revenues can be slashed. This is an imbalance that does not occur in other B2B industries, and it can make it difficult to invest in growth and sustainability as an affiliate business.

The Professional Gambling Affiliates Association will aim to create a contract that will be used by its members when promoting operating brands. Bojoko has agreed to cover the legal costs of creating the contract – including potential reviews and amendments that might be required in the future.

The following statements were released by Joonas Karhu: “The situation online gambling affiliates face is unprecedented when compared with other industries and sectors. Running a business without a secured contract is simply unsustainable and puts organizations and their employees at great risk.

“By creating the PGAA, I hope to be able to provide the contractual security that affiliates need to be able to promote operator brands and be confident that the players they send and the revenues they generate are secured over time.

“I am now calling on all affiliates to join the PGAA and for operators and other industry stakeholders to support the association and its mission to level the playing field for affiliates and to provide the contractual security they need and deserve.”

The struggle for affiliate programs

Affiliate programs have been struggling for many years with the many limits and regulations that are imposed in their contracts with betting platforms.

Sadly, these marketing companies have had a rough time sticking to them while doing their job of promoting gambling brands successfully without any bad results or setbacks.

The main struggle is the fact that the betting platforms have complete control over the contracts that are signed between them.

Actually, in many cases, the only party forced to sign the contract is the affiliate program.

Surely, this lack of balance has left affiliate programs vulnerable and open to many risks that could damage their operations at any given moment.

Since the betting platforms are able to alter the contracts and agreements at will, many of them have seized such possibility to win disputes or misunderstandings between both parties.

Claims to close down affiliate programs for good

For quite some time, the iGaming marketing industry has been targeted with severe accusations on bribery or manipulation that has led many players to great losses.

According to several iGaming portals, a lot of affiliates have been manipulated or giving fake advises to their referrals with the intention of making them lose high amounts of money.

This usually happens since affiliates tend to earn their commissions depending on how much their referrals lose on their respective brands.

The more they lose, the more the affiliate earns monthly on the affiliate program that he is registered on.

This atrocious act has caused a lot of turmoil and frustration within the industry, to the point where many authorities have been pushing to close down all affiliate programs open to this day.

Unfair treatment

The strict and rushed decision to prohibit and close down affiliate programs has motivated many iGaming marketers to raise their voices in unison to battle against the popular claims.

According to them, such horrible fraudulent actions are not performed by all the affiliates and closing down all the affiliate platforms because of a small group of evildoers should not be even considered.

Because of that, plenty of rightful affiliates have used social media to show their legal and correct statistics along with additional proof that reveal their innocence and the importance of affiliate programs.

The importance of affiliate programs on the industry

A betting platform can be filled up with games, offers and other features that could make any player feel amused while earning some money at the same time.

However, these platforms need a decent amount of active players to operate properly without problems that could lead them to unpayable debts.

Investing money and effort on marketing strategies can be not only exhausting but also quite expensive to the point where the betting platform could be left with no revenues.

To work as a solution to this inconvenience, affiliate programs came into the equation.

These marketing platforms would be in charge of promoting any gambling brand in exchange for a reasonable yet affordable fee that would allow the betting platforms to reduce considerate costs.

Apart from that, affiliate programs have shown amazing results since their beginnings, promoting any type of betting platform successfully, giving them the chance to grow in the competitive industry they are part of.

The association works as an anchor.

The new Professional Gambling Affiliates Association (PGAA) will provide safety and trust for the gambling industry in all ways.

The release of this association will allow affiliate programs to work comfortably thanks to the many positive regulations stated on it.

A bright and solid future can be expected for the affiliate programs and their partnerships with iGaming brands from now on with the appearance of the PGAA.

2nd Nov, 2020
Simon Colmenares