State of Nevada approves online gambling

21st Aug, 2018
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On February 22nd, 2013, the state of Nevada has approved online gambling

Las Vegas used to be the biggest gambling destination in the world but in 2012 it fell behind Macau and Singapore.

More than ever before, land based gambling is available to people in states and countries which is slowing down the trend of Las Vegas being the top gambling destination.

Of course with the rise of online gambling the companies in Las Vegas are blaming them for their decline.

It is safe to say that Las Vegas is at risk of becoming a shadow of itself it if can't generate more revenue.

Las Vegas can point the finger all it wants to online gambling but there are more locations around the world launching local casinos and also super resorts, to name a few there are Macau, Singapore as the top gambling destinations.

Europe is looking at a few places to create the super gambling resort to rival Las Vegas. Florida is also considering their own casino mega resort which would prevent gamblers from making the flight to Las Vegas.

The legalization of online gambling at the state level will allow the existing companies in Las Vegas to finally get their hands onto a gambling license to allow them to take customers in one of the fastest growing markets around.

This move happens as other states including New Jersey have been consideration legalizing and licensing online gambling. In Canada there have been 4 provinces that have already taken the steps to legalize and license online gambling without waiting for the federal level to get involved.

The involution of Las Vegas

When referring to gambling, it is difficult not to think about Las Vegas, Nevada. The city that never sleeps got its nickname for the endless nights full of players investing their savings in search of some instant earnings.

For many decades, Las Vegas occupied the top spot as the most important and famous venue in the whole world for anyone looking to spend real time on some simple and entertaining casino games.

As Las Vegas kept on offering its many gambling alternatives, the rest of the world started investing in the industry and drew closer to the American city.

At the end, Asian countries such as Singapore and Macau have made it to the top thanks to the many innovations that they have used to draw the players’ attention.

As of this moment, Las Vegas seems to be a step or some steps behind the great technology and the gambling options that Singapore and Macau offer to the world.

Is it too soon to say that Las Vegas has lost its crown and the new top gambling venue may be located within the Asia continent?

A necessary step taken a bit late

Finally, the state of Nevada has made the decision of accepting the use of online gambling platforms within its borders, certainly, a necessary move for a state that was known as the top destination for anyone that was looking to gamble.

Sadly, for many gambling experts and players, the move was made a bit late when compared with other top gambling destinations.

For them, accepting online gambling platforms is part of the evolution of the industry, and every minute that is denied makes the city fall behind considerably against the rest of the world.

It is hard to believe that a state like Nevada would take this long to authorize the use of online gambling platforms and now, such stubbornness is taking its toll on the earnings and overall evolution of the industry in the whole state.

With this move, Nevada looks to finally enter the hottest trend and start battling for the attention of the whole gambling world. It is difficult to foresee whether this new move will bring Nevada back to the top or not just yet.

Online gambling being blocked in the United States

United States is still reluctant to accept the fact that iGaming is the future of the whole gambling industry. The North American country still prohibits the use of gambling platforms within its borders.

Each and every state has the right to make their own gambling policies, but most of them are still hesitant to make the decision of accepting iGaming platforms.

As a nation that priorities the industry and every single method that exist to generate extra money, it is more than a surprise to see the United States blocking the use of these platforms so authoritatively.

The iGaming industry is now being considered a great way to make money for a lot of countries across the whole. Asia and Europe are the most active continents when it comes to the industry.

The great results assessed in these continents have given the United States the proof it needed to accept the fact that the industry is more than lucrative and that it should change its gambling policies quickly.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright