Realistic Games’ Super Bar-X™ Pull Tab Now Live to Network

Realistic Games’ Super Bar-X™ Pull Tab Now Live to Network
24th Nov, 2020
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Leading casino content developer Realistic Games has launched Super BAR-X™ Pull Tab across its operator network in partnership with Electrocoin.

Based on the extremely popular land-based slot, the pull tab title has four tabs to pull per card and features a fun-filled Free Games bonus round that brings extra excitement to the game.

Inspired by features which are common in online slots, the Free Games bonus round is triggered when two or three scatter symbols appear in the window, awarding 10 and 30 free games respectively.

These are played on a separate set of tabs, where each win line can offer a multiplier from x2 to x10 to maximize the potential payout up to a top prize of 4000x the player’s stake.

The network launch of Super BAR-X™ Pull Tab follows a successful three-month exclusivity period with Microgaming, in which the game proved to be a big hit with players.

Robert Lee, Commercial Director at Realistic Games, said: “It’s great to see Super BAR-X™ Pull Tab available to all our partners and it will no doubt make for another strong performer in our Electrocoin collection.

“The concept marries perfectly with the instant win format and we’re pleased to be able to bring these iconic land-based slots to new online audiences.”

Gabino Stergides, President of Electrocoin, said: “Super BAR-X Pull Tab is another fantastic game in the collection of Realistic’s quality online adaptions of our classic titles and we’re pleased to see it perform so well across the Microgaming network.

“We’re positive it’ll make a strong addition for all of Realistic’s partners and commend the team for engaging a new generation of players with their recreations of old classics.”

The new era full of adaptations

The new era of gambling is definitely based on the use and investment on online betting platforms. Every day, new online casinos, sportsbooks and other kinds of betting sites are open to the public.

The players worldwide are more than excited to enjoy and seize everything that this new era has available to them.

Nonetheless, the loyal and old-fashioned players still love and want to invest their money on the classic titles that they have been used to for many decades.

They have given iGaming a chance, but they still cannot move on from those enticing classic slot titles that would leave them snuck on their seats for hours at their local casinos.

Therefore, many renowned game makers have taken the initiative of developing virtual variants of the most popular classic titles.

As it can be witnessed, Realistic Games has joined the great number of developers that have been doing this for quite a while now.

In other cases, there are reputable game makers that were part of the gambling industry when it was focused on land-based casinos only, and they simply adapted their titles to the betting platforms, so anyone can have fun and earn money through them.

The road to success for Realistic Games

Realistic Games is a British betting company that was launched in 2002. At the moment of its creation, the gambling industry has solely focused on offering games on land-based casinos.

The iGaming industry was rising, but the lack of trust in it made it nearly impossible for game makers to invest time and effort on it.

Therefore, Realistic Games dedicated to developing enticing casino games that the players could have lots of fun with at their preferred casinos.

Apart from that, Realistic Games worked nonstop to make deals with plenty of different venues so that its games would reach large audiences on a regular basis.

At the end, the dedication paid off, and Realistic Games has been able to become a reliable software developer that many players consider a great addition to the iGaming industry and its worldwide reputation.

The future ahead of Realistic Games

Realistic Games has a solid and trustworthy fan base that is always eager to bet on its games as much as it is possible.

However, the brand is still not considered as one of the best game makers on the industry, so Realistic Games will have to keep on working on its marketing strategies and partnership deals.

The games are more than good enough to attract a high number of players. The brand simply needs a bit more of exposure within the iGaming industry.

It is also important for the British developer to reach new territories and jurisdictions, so fresh audiences can get a hold of its quality releases without much of a hassle.

Games developed by Realistic Games

Realistic Games has developed famous games for land-based casinos as well as online platforms, if you are curious about those releases, here are some of them:

  • 6 Appeal Extreme
  • 8th Wonder Game Changer
  • Roulette European
  • Red Hot Gambler
  • Red Bar
24th Nov, 2020
Simon Colmenares