Responsive Design: making your website mobile friendly

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright

In 2013 many designers and webmasters are starting to pay more attention to setting up their website the right way for making it mobile friendly. See why Responsive Design is the way of the future.

In the past few years there has been a surge in smart phones with Apple leading the way with iOS followed by Android.

This has changed the way people use their mobile phones and how they connect to the internet on it.

If you check your analytics data over the years you will probably notice more and more mobile traffic could be hitting your website.

One solution that many designers and coders did to support their mobile viewers was to create a separate version of the website formatted for mobile.

In some cases it might make sense to send your user to a different part of the website or to either limit features of your website means for desktop/laptop users or perhaps the opposite to add features knowing the user is on their mobile device.

We can give you many reasons for picking responsive design as the way to setup your website to cater to your mobile traffic.

It can be easier to code in, make your website less complicated and one reason alone you would want to consider this would be for SEO.

An article by gives their reasons why you should pick responsive design and how it relates to SEO.

If your website isn't modified in any way to support mobile users then you need to consider integrating this into your website just for bounce rate and conversion.

If your mobile users are leaving faster and more frequent than your regular computer users then this is lost traffic and potentially lost sales.

If you have an affiliate site for sportsbetting, casino or perhaps bingo, this is reason enough to look at your mobile traffic and decide if you need to make an upgrade on your website.

The mobile device dominance in the market

iOS and now Android are turning the tables around and making mobile devices the most versatile and, maybe, most important devices than laptops and computers to some point.

Apart from making calls and texting anyone you want, mobile devices are now integrating fully-equipped browsers and other apps that could make phones and tablets quite valuable to society.

For some time, Apple and Blackberry led the way regarding the demand of smartphones. These first models allowed the users to send instant messages and search a thing or two on the web.

Most of the time, the websites would show up in their HTML version. The users were not able to display any animations or variety of colors so mobile devices were rarely used for browsing on the web.

The new era is on the way with top-notch smartphones that can display a website just as good as a laptop or a desktop. Google has dived into the new era with Android, and it is set to become a massive success.

The importance of offering high-quality mobile platforms

Offering the visitors of your site the chance to enter and interact on it from their mobile devices is crucial to the reputation and value of your platform.

Providing this possibility allows them to navigate through your site without having to go through the hassle of turning on their PCs and waiting for it to start up and finally search for your platform.

Thanks to the new era of smartphones, the users can access all the sites from any place they want, even while traveling on public transportation or while walking at the park.

If you develop a responsive mobile design, you could start witnessing a great increase in visits within a short period of time. This basic move could make your platform more lucrative and relevant on the market that it belongs to.

Mobile devices and the iGaming industry

If you are a gambling operator that does not have an attractive and fully functional mobile platform running, you may want to start developing it soon.

Mobile devices are set to become the most important appliances for the players and the whole world in the near future.

By offering your players the chance to bet on your platform from phones and tablets, you would be increasing your sales and popularity without having to spend large amounts of money on marketing strategies.

Through a completely responsive mobile design, the players would be able to place their bets and have fun while doing the simplest of things, helping you increase the rate of active players per day easily.

The players would be betting while talking to their friends on the street or even while waiting in line at a bank to deposit money on their accounts and then invest it on your platform.

The possibilities and chances to improve the success of your site are endless if you make the decision to enter this hot trend that is set to become the new reality of modern society.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright