Routy review
12th Mar, 2024
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright

Routy, as in, is an iGaming Business Intelligence tool to help affiliates have advanced tracking of their brands, campaigns and conversions. 

What is Routy?

Routy is an iGaming link tracking system that does high level attribution to help affiliates know where their sales are coming from. Routy uses a postback solution that helps affiliates know from which pages their tracks are coming from and mapping them with affiliate programs to know where their conversions are taking place. 

The end result is a high level understanding of marketing performance of a website. For example, you'll be able to know what part of your page or which tracking link lead to your last FTD (or NDC). 

Routy Pricing

Routy offers a 14 day free trial and has a few pricing plans. You can read more about the Routy pricing page here

  • Professional plan: €200/month
  • Expert plan: €300/month
  • VIP plan: custom - see support or sales

About Routy

From the website

With our 20+ years of experience in the iGaming industry, we understand the challenges that affiliates face and are passionate about providing them with the insights they need to optimize their business. We’re passionate about giving affiliates the power of data to optimize their business, not just by ‘saving time’, but by providing deeper and more quality insights.

Routy vs StatsDrone comparison

Feature Statsdrone Routy
Pricing Starting $49/month Starting €200/month
# of programs supported  1200+ Unknown but a large number
Industries iGaming and a few others iGaming
Mobile app Yes unknown
Terms & conditions None

Routy vs Voonix comparison

Feature Voonix Routy
Pricing Starting €210/month Starting €200/month
# of programs supported    
Industries iGaming iGaming
Mobile app Yes unknown

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Routy vs Nifty Stats comparison

Feature Nifty Stats Routy
Pricing Starting $24.95/month Starting €200/month
# of programs supported 10,000 Unknown but a large number
Industries all in affiliate marketing iGaming
Mobile app No unknown

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Which affiliate stats app is for you?

Best tools for affiliate, the verdict?

Overall it is hard to say who's got the best affiliate stats tool as every app has their own differentiation. Some affiliates place emphasis on some features over others like postback or dyanmic variable solutions or specific affiliate marketing industries. 

Just ask affiliates to see what they have to say about their preferences in working with Routy as you'll find happy affiliates with all the affiliate tools. 

12th Mar, 2024
John Wright