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12th Mar, 2024
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Voonix is an alternative to StatsDrone and has been around since 2018. 

What is Voonix?

Voonix.net is an affiliate stats and Business Intelligence tool mainly for iGaming affiliates. They launched their SaaS platform in 2018 and have been one of the market leaders in helping affiliates get their data and have deeper analysis on the performance of their brands and campaigns. 

One of their standout features is the ability to segment data based on campaigns where you can break this down into GEOs and multiple websites. 

Programs supported

According to the Voonix website, they support 85% of the affiliate programs in iGaming.

Taken from the website:

We support around 85% of the affiliate systems out there and continuously keep adding more networks. If you find a network we don’t support – Don’t hesitate to contact us to determine if we can support it or not.

They do have a section called Brands that list all the brands they support which you can see here

As of March 12th, 2024 this table lists 699 affiliate programs (accounts) and that represents 2215 brands. For comparison StatsDrone supports 1279 affiliate programs (accounts) and with 718 supported with API. 

Voonix Pricing

Voonix is a premium priced product as the Business Intelligence (BI) features are more aimed at the larger iGaming affiliate organizations. 

You can see from their pricing that they start at 210 EUR/month and can go up to 2000 EUR/month based on the number of brands you connect. They do offer a freemium version of the app which is

Taken from their website: 

Voonix has recently introduced a Freemium version – users gain access to a Voonix server where they can track advertiser earnings, and view data by brands and accounts. It’s free no matter how many programs you use, and there’s no time limit. The only catch is that once you start making more than €4,000 a month, you’ll need to pay. For those who want to try out the premium version without any limitations, there is a free unlimited trial for 14 days. Voonix premium packages start at €210 a month.

StatsDrone vs Voonix

Comparing the 2 side by side we can see some similarities and differences between the two. 

Feature StatsDrone Voonix
Pricing Starts $49/month Starts 210 EUR/month
Supported affiliate programs Over 1200 Over 600
Business Intelligence features Good Well developed
Postback and dynamic variables In progress Working according to recent blog post
CRM features Deal CRM Unknown but can manage flat fees
Invoice generator Yes Unknown
Mobile version Yes Yes

Voonix vs StatsDrone vs Routy

Note that the blog post of Voonix vs Routy vs StatsDrone claims that Voonix supports 1500 brands and that StatsDrone has 1000+ but looking at their brands page, we found just over 600 supported affiliate programs and a lot more brands. StatsDrone did win a top affiliate industry award that was featured on the Times of Malta. 

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12th Mar, 2024
John Wright