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18th May, 2022
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright

King Billy Partners has announced a unique campaign with the people at StatsDrone.

With StatsDrone you can try the app free for 30 days but if you promote King Billy Casino on your site, you can get a better deal!

Promote King Billy Casino on your site, they'll cover your subscription!

You read that right! For a limited time, King Billy Partners is going to cover the licensing fee for affiliates. The StatsDrone & King Billy Partners campaign is live and will last for a limited time so get it while you can. 

From the press release:

King Billy Affiliates is one of the top affiliate programs that you should consider joining since it offers you lots of incentives, and now we are proudly announcing that they are partnering with StatsDrone for a special promotion that you cannot miss.

This promotion consists of an affiliate contest that will grant free licenses of StatsDrone stats tracking tools for iGaming Affiliates. Keep in mind that this promotion is available to affiliate marketers with player traffic from New Zealand and Canada.

From StatsDrone CEO and Co-Founder John Wright: "King Billy has been a solid casino that many affiliates have recommended for a long time. King Billy Pays players fast and they treat their players and affiliates like VIPs. I wish more casinos could be as professional as this team."

The promotion will last until June 30th of 2022 and the licenses will be delivered from the account managers of King Billy Casino.

How to claim your offer?

Signup to the King Billy Partners if you are not already working with them and contact your affiliate manager to ask how you can get your StatsDrone subscription covered. 

18th May, 2022
John Wright