Vista Gaming Affiliates launches new fully localized casino in Brazil

Vista Gaming Affiliates launches new fully localized casino in Brazil
10th Nov, 2020
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From Vista Gaming Affiliates comes Vegas Crest Casino, arriving for Brazilian gambling market.

The firm promises to serve local customers with great preparation. It will include a wide range of casino and bingo games, exclusive bonuses, options for Brazilian banks, transactions in local currency and a native customer support team.

The platform comes with a “Live Casino” section as one of the upcoming promises of the website in Portuguese, bringing new cutting-edge technology and news to users. The launch also comes alongside a new deal for affiliates from Vista Gaming Affiliates which offers 50% rev share.

Affiliate Director at Vista Gaming, Fabiola Olaso said: “Vista Gaming has been a part of the iGaming industry for 24 years. Part of our energy and resources in 2020 have been focused on the Brazilian market. This exciting new adventure has been a great learning experience, and it has already generated great results for us and our partners.”

For the first 5 months, new affiliates will receive 50% revenue share. They also noted that those without any Brazilian traffic can benefit from their other brands around the world.

They point out that their affiliate partnerships with other websites and services extend worldwide and if there are opportunities, they look for coming traffic from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Brazilian players can enjoy a large variety of popular casino games from top providers such as Salsa Technology (previously known as Patagonia), RCT Gaming, Zitro Games, MGA, FBM, BestSoft and some 12 other gaming providers. They will also enjoy progressive jackpots, slots and blackjack tournaments, bingo jackpots, free spins and reload bonuses on every single deposit.

The new expansion that Vista Gaming Affiliates is working on

For a renowned iGaming brand that has been around for more than 20 years, finding new markets and implementing new ideas is key to keep on looking appealing to the users worldwide.

Therefore, Vista Gaming Affiliates has been working every day for the past few years to enter new jurisdictions that could give it that boost that is necessary to stay relevant on the market.

Apart from that, the new offers for the affiliates and the players will also provide the company with the attention needed to attract new users to all of its brands worldwide.

Expanding a company’s offers and reach has been proven to increase its value and importance on the market that it belongs to, so it is more than just a great idea for Vista Gaming Affiliates to make this vital decision at this critical moment in the iGaming industry.

The industry grows and so does Vista Gaming Affiliates

As it was mentioned before, Vista Gaming Affiliates has been part of the iGaming industry for more than 20 years. It can be said that Vista Gaming Affiliates has been around since the very beginnings of the industry itself.

Indeed, Vista Gaming Affiliates has been a critical witness and culprit in the whole evolution and development of an industry that is finally drawing the attention of the world.

At first, it was extremely difficult for Vista Gaming Affiliates to find partners and players to be part of its brand. The lack of trust and information about online gambling made it nearly impossible for companies like Vista Gaming Affiliates to find success in their first years.

Nonetheless, perseverance made it work and now, Vista Gaming Affiliates stands as one of the oldest yet reputable iGaming brands operating up to this day.

The competition has tightened up a bit in the last few years. New companies and partners have come up with amazing betting platforms that lots of players worldwide wish to be part of.

But, Vista Gaming Affiliates has evolved as well. This betting firm counts with a prolific platform where the players can find any type of game they like and bet on without issues. Additionally, its affiliate marketing site offers some of the best commission rates you can find nowadays.

Brazil as one of the best growing markets of the moment

Despite the fact that Brazil has prohibited most forms of gambling since 1941, the South American nation has emerged as a fast-growing market in the iGaming industry.

Offshore betting companies that have a gambling license can offer their services to the Brazilian players. This is a massive loophole in the Brazilian law that has given lots of iGaming operators the chance to enter this great market without problems.

Since they are operating from outside the Brazilian borders and their services are reviewed by a regulatory entity, they can accept Brazilian players without any type of permission.

Brazil counts with more than 5 million active gamblers, turning it into the most lucrative market in all of South America. Apart from that, Brazil is the biggest and most populated nation in the continent, so the range of potential players that the gambling operators can reach is simply mind-blowing.

10th Nov, 2020
Simon Colmenares